Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Alleged Inevitability of Barack Obama

Is Obama Really Unstoppable?
In the wake of the news that Rick Santorum has dropped out of the Republican primary race, many pundits are declaring Mitt Romney the de facto victor, while the Obama campaign prepares for Romney as the ultimate challenger. To hear the leftist media tell it, however, it really doesn't matter because Obama is destined for a second term. Really.

Many people who remember the Carter years have not seen the country in as bad a shape since then, and if you ask any of them, you'd be hard pressed to find a supporter for Obama this year. But if you ask the minions of government-supported Obama acolytes -- Obama's own creations, incidentally -- you would find a rabid group diametrically opposed to the former.

It will thus come down to the numbers; which group is larger and will also be more inclined to vote will determine the outcome in November. Between now and then, though, lies a minefield of campaign ads and stump speeches guaranteed to nauseate even the stoutest of constituted individuals.

For example, when the eventual Republican nominee (I have not yet conceded that it will be Romney) asks the nation whether they are better off today than they were four years ago, Obama will undoubtedly counter that George W. Bush left him a much worse disaster than originally thought, and that "we have more work to do". While even Larry Kudlow acknowledges that the economy is improving, it does so in spite of Obama's policies, not as a result thereof. In other words, the truth is that the American economy is much more resilient than Obama originally thought, and he needs another four years to tear it asunder completely.

And he's got some finely credentialed supporters who will effectively counter any common-sense attack the Republican nominee's campaign can muster regarding the state of the economy. Despite the  fiscal pain most individuals are currently experiencing, too many pay more attention to the fact that they can't afford that new iPad than they do the actual reason why, and when told by the Nightly News that it's still Bush's fault, or that it's because the rich folks are hoarding all the money, they will readily believe it.

The Brainwashed Masses
They are the so-called "99 percent", the people who communicate and entertain themselves with all the products produced by the very corporations they simultaneously revile, and they will most likely vote this year. What this tells us right off the bat is that our informed votes will be running a war of attrition at the ballot box, for if polls are to be believed, our numbers are nearly equal.

Many of the 99-percenters represent the group to which New Jersey Governor Chris Christie alluded when he declared that America is becoming a country whose citizens sit on the sofa and wait for their next government check. So effective has this administration been -- with the help of the Democrats who control the Senate -- in creating legions of dependents that they have nearly guaranteed permanent control of the country. It has been the strategy of leftists since the dawn of time; keep people deprived and needy and they will vote for themselves more handouts.

On the flip side of the coin, Obama and his minions in the media appear to have adopted the tactics used by Attila the Hun, tactics designed to create an aura of invincibility around Obama. At the same time, the goal is to cause in the opposing masses a feeling of utter dread and futility, thus removing most of the fight from them. Attila would have his army beat many drums for days during their approach to a target village, and the result would be that many of the citizens would flee in terror before his arrival, assuring a quick victory for the Huns.

What the Democrats are attempting here is simple. They are ensnaring as many citizens as are so gullible to believe that their government must provide for them in exchange for votes, while attempting to convince the rest of us of the inevitability of Obama in order to discourage us from bothering to vote against him. If enough people fall for the ruse, I believe that America will be lost.

Please people, no matter how affected you may be seven months from now, no matter how lethargic you may be made to feel by it all, vote. Get out, get down to your polling place, and vote. Our very lives may just depend on it.

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