Friday, November 7, 2014

Can't We All Just Get Along (My Way)?

Democrats Seek Compromise Now?
November 4th was an historic day. America overwhelmingly rejected the sitting President and nearly every crony he enjoyed sitting in either House of Congress. All of Obama's allies are gone or marginalized. Slam dunk for Republicans and, to a lesser degree, Conservatives, right?

Well, just hold the phone on that thought.

It seems that all of the RNC's planning, brilliant though it proved to be, made one tactical error. Well, perhaps not an error at all, since the real enemy is not on the battlefield, per se: We failed to capture the media. And let it be said here and now; the media should never need to be captured, but that is a scenario only found in a perfect world. Our media in America have already been co-opted through educational control by the real enemy, the Progressives, and they will not be swayed by actual reason or logic. They are gone.

And so it is that despite the "nuclear explosion" -- as Charles Krauthammer  so eloquently phrased it -- has been framed by many in the media as a sort of victory for the losing party. Many today still insist that the new majority must "compromise" with the President, and that a failure to do so will harm the party in the future. Which is media-speak for the 2016 elections. Do you see what they are doing here? They are telling low information voters out there that the new majority will still be racist if they don't kow tow to this regime.

Brilliant, but no less diabolical. Which brings us to the pressure already being thrust at the new 114th Congress of the United States. It is clear that the electorate -- inarguably the most informed people in the country -- has figured out the process and has spoken the loudest in this cycle. But the Progressive Media will only hammer away at the casual observer of the "news", and that could cause civil unrest in the coming months.

When ordinary folks sit down to dinner every night, they more often than not have a television on while they eat. And many of them will have the news or a political talk show on. And a great many of them will see the likes of Matt Lauer asking a newly elected Congressman if they will now "work with the President (Obama)".

I want to see them say that the President must work with them (us), but will they? Will they have the fortitude to say such a thing? Or will the alleged "news" folks manage to shape the new majority through fear and misinformation? Unless the Republicans are truly emboldened by this election rout, my money is on the media and a collapse of this "majority". Since we are also watching the Republicans and what they do going forward, the pressure is on indeed.

So, if I may offer up a bit of advice -- well-intentioned, trust me -- to our new champions of the American way, it would be this: We are thankful, but we are still angry. We relish seeing the Democrats struggle for air in such a beautiful tsunami, but we are wary still of how you react. We remember all too well how the Democrats treated us leading up to the Affordable Care Act, and we are not in a charitable mood.

So when Matt Lauer, et al, say that we need to "work with Democrats and this President", we reject this. It is now our time, and we will settle for nothing less than utter domination, nothing short of the way we felt on Election night and the day after.

In other words, Republicans...don't let us down. As of this writing, we can still vote, and we remember everything.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

God's Carrot

Is He Telling Us Something?
God knows our minds. He knows our souls, and he knows our hearts. And while He can get angry with us from time to time, I believe he still loves us very much. And there are signs to prove it all around us.

I subscribe to the notion that God has blessed America since its inception, with brief interludes of disappointment thrown in over the centuries, none so obvious as this country's wanton ways and our government's disloyal treatment of Israel over the past 8 years.

I can't quite say if Barack Obama was a test from the Lord to try our resiliency and resolve to carry on, or if it was the "other guy" who foisted Obama on us, but we have held fast and actually gained strength as a result. And now God seems to be bestowing some rewards on us once again. Most obvious, of course, were the election results from last night.

Some will ask, "Did God Himself pick the Republicans in this cycle?", to which I would reply, "Of course not". But I do believe He gave us the right candidates to win this battle. And it is incumbent upon us now to get this country back into the shape it was in when God originally blessed us. And we are poised to do just that. We've got two years left of a severely crippled Progressive President, after which we should be positioned to thrust back into power a person of impeccable Conservative credentials.

And, thanks to God, the cards are lining up to help us.

Anyone who's been to the gas station lately has noticed a precipitous drop in prices. That is not because the Saudis are sympathetic to Americans' pocket books, nor because Obama's Progressive vision of "Green Energy" has created a breakthrough in energy production. No, it is because some old fashioned American ingenuity has discovered -- I believe at God's behest -- a treasure trove of oil and natural gas below our own soil right here in America.

This new energy available to us right here at home will propel the economy in ways the Democrats could never have foreseen, much less accomplished, and we will see a renaissance in America just in time to elect a President who will lead us back into God's favor. And I think God knew this all along.

In fact, I'm sure of it. Why would He have tied that carrot on the stick in the first place?

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