Sunday, June 30, 2013

Save the Children...from Us

What A Loving President
Everyone knows that Democrats -- particularly Liberals, Progressives, Hippies, whatever you want to call them -- care more about people than we evil Conservatives do. All one has to do is ask them. They constantly remind us of all the "things" they oppose, things that make the lives of people miserable, if you listen to them. Corporations, guns, oil, technology, etc.

So when the Liberals and President Obama sprung into action after the Sandy Hook massacre, we were reminded once again that guns are evil and must be vanquished, banished from our existence. For the good of the children. Because no one cares more about children than our benevolent Liberals.

I've often wondered -- during the days of the Million Mom March, in which several thousand women (I know, far from a million, cue eyeroll) marched on Washington to express their outrage over the existence of those dangerous guns -- why no one ever asked one simple question: "Excuse me ma'am, but are you implying that no one has the right to kill your child except you"?

That seems to be the message Liberals are trying to convey to the rest of us; that women have a right to "chose" because they are women. But aren't we also conditioned to believe that women are moms, and that moms love us better than anyone? So how do we reconcile the disparity between the caring mom and the murderous Liberal woman? How do we escape the modern woman who will wantonly murder her child either in the womb or out, while claiming to be "emancipated"?

This past week was one that disgusted me, and probably did many of you as well, especially my Texas readers. One week ago, on Monday, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis prepped herself with running shoes, a back brace and a urinary catheter to launch into an 11 hour filibuster that would be hailed by the Liberal media as "heroic", among other lofty adjectives. But Senator Davis' heroics were nothing more than an advocacy for the murder of viable babies. This is what passes for courage in the America in which we live today.

The Texas measure was designed to stop late term abortions, those performed after 20 weeks into gestation. For those of you who may be products of State education, we're talking about 5 months of pregnancy, when a baby in the womb already has eyelashes, eyebrows and fingernails. Despite the arguments I have encountered from crazed Liberals in the past, we are not talking about a "lump of protoplasm" here, we're talking about a human child.

One of the arguments I have been forced to counter over the years is that it is impossible to tell what that lump of protoplasm is at the early stages. Call me crazy, but I doubt a human woman would be carrying a duck billed platypus or a cactus, but I entertained such notions for the sake of arguing in good faith. Early term abortions, while still repulsive to me, I could accept as reproductive choice, but pulling viable babies from the womb and either twisting their fragile necks or stabbing them in the spine with scissors was the line in the sand. And yet here was Wendy Davis last Monday -- in spite of the horrendous revelations of the Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia -- being hailed as a champion of "women's rights".

What if They Were Aborted?
Democrats are indeed the "Party of Death", of that there can no doubt today. From their insistence that life is precious in the case of the convicted killer, to their defense of the murder of the innocent, to their Death Panels for the elderly in the looming ObamaCare, it seems that only the weak are expendable to Democrats.

I have heard the phrase that Liberalism is a mental disease, and I am more convinced today than ever that that is true. How else could such a stance be held up as an act of courage in the case of Wendy Davis? How on Earth did we as a species get to such a point in our existence that our "mainstream media" would applaud such barbaric behavior?

Think about this the next time a Liberal like Obama uses living children as props for some other stance. Remember, they are only flanking him because they were not slaughtered at birth, no thanks to him.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lucy Moves the Football...Again

Democrats Never Keep Their Word
In 1981, Ronald Reagan became President, being sworn in for the first of two terms that would last until 1988, and they were good times for America. It began with the Iranian hostages -- held for more than Jimmy Carter's last year as President -- being released immediately upon hearing that Carter was gone.

Then Reagan cut taxes for the American people, slashing the top income tax bracket from 70% to 28%, a move that brought in more tax revenue over time simply because the formula was sound. With lower taxes, small businesses had more capital to invest, hired more people and created millions of new taxpayers. (Something about more paying less just doesn't compute in the Democratic mind).

Congress saw the increased revenues as a cash cow and accelerated spending, creating deficits that outpaced the boon in revenue. (Yes, Reagan also increased Defense spending, but we all know the ultimate benefit of that brilliant move).  In 1982, Congressional Democrats promised Reagan spending cuts in exchange for raising taxes. Reagan raised taxes, but the spending cuts never came; Lucy moved the football.

Then, in 1986, and with an estimated 3 million illegal aliens in the country, Reagan and Congress decided that something had to be done to cure this problem. The end result was amnesty for all the people who broke our immigration laws in exchange for securing the border so more would not follow. Border security never happened because Lucy moved the football...again.

Honest and Open Democrats?
When Obama was elected President, we got ObamaCare, slammed down our throats by Democrats through the most nefarious means, all the while they smilingly said, "C'mon, Charlie Brown, I swear I will let you kick the ball this time". Oh, how they laughed and laughed.

And now we have an estimated 11 million illegal aliens living among us, and as you may have heard, something needs to be done. We've got a "Gang of Eight" in the Senate -- a "bipartisan" group of four Democrats and four other men, mostly comprised of RINO's and one very confounding Marco Rubio -- telling us that we have to legalize these aliens now to solve this crisis. Some Republicans outside this "Gang" have remained true to Conservative ideals, but they are hopelessly outnumbered.

What is maddening in this current event -- made even more maddening by the uninformed voters in this country -- is the media complicity in aiding and abetting the Democrats, and the willingness to believe that we can be fooled one more time. Rubio has mentioned that legalized status is contingent on a border fence and other security measures, and nodding Democrats assure us that this is the plan, absurdly saying that if the border is not secure in five years, that legal status will be revoked.

Now, Americans' own apathy aside, there is obviously something very attractive about coming to America judging from the influx of illegal aliens and their reluctance to leave. There is also the glaring obviousness that once made legal by Congress, illegal aliens will NEVER be made illegal again, and if you believe that they ever will, I have some primo land for sale.

Couple this with the insistence of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano that our border is "already more secure than it has ever been", and the entire Congressional bill's hinging on securing the border first while giving her the discretionary decision to actually build more fencing or spending one more dime on something she will ultimately deem "an unnecessary use of taxpayers' funds", and I also have a bridge and a sure-fire way to get rich overnight to sell you.

The Democrats have an agenda to advance, and that is flooding America with a demographic presumably friendly to their cause. What this new demographic does not know, however, is that once they vote for the Democrats in perpetuity, they will become the country's new Charlie Brown, once again running up to Lucy and kicking air.

Anyone know how to say, "AAUGH" in Spanish?

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When We Stop Walking

Getting Closer
-A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -- Lao-tsu, ancient Chinese philosopher.

Since the invention of the automobile, there have probably been hitchhikers, and in the early days, the motive was to get to the destination more quickly. The person seeking free transportation was generally friendly and faced the approaching traffic with a thumb out to indicate the desire for a ride. This was done while walking backward, always moving toward the place that they wanted to be.

Later, people would walk more determinedly, turning around to face oncoming traffic when the sound of a moving vehicle was detected. Then people began walking forward with their thumb out, never bothering to turn and face a prospective benefactor, and finally ended up standing stationary, never moving at all until a ride appeared. It's as if people stopped trying on their own to get to wherever unless they could do it quickly.

Such is the seeming mindset of our government these days, as they refuse to do anything at all unless the goal can be achieved instantly. (This is assuming that they actually want to achieve anything in the first place). How many times have we been told that drilling for oil -- our own oil -- would have no demonstrable effect on our supplies "for ten years"? This has always been the excuse for not drilling at all.

It's been 30 years since we first heard that pathetic excuse, which is, if you're counting along, three decades worth of progress wasted. Think where we would be today with three ten-year shifts of drilling.

Think also of the border security we would have if those who have sworn an oath to protect this country had actually spent more time securing our southern border than they did trying to convince us that it was already secure. Reagan afforded amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the 1980's on the promise that we would secure the border. That never happened, just as the spending cuts he was promised in return for raising taxes never happened.

Now, we are facing yet another crisis of illegal immigration and the Republicans are demanding border security before any promise of amnesty. And of course, the Democrats and several RINO's in Congress are saying that the proposed 700-mile border fence will only stop one quarter of illegals from entering. Their answer? Don't build it, ostensibly because it doesn't stop all illegal immigration. (I still prefer to call it breaking the law). They are still playing the all-or-nothing approach. I say if that is their equation, then let's build 2,800 miles of fence and stop it all, and then we can figure out what to do with 11 million criminals already in our midst.  Call me kooky.

When Democrats fear real progress -- they are using the descriptive term "Progressive" these days, go figure -- they will stall it while claiming to want more. But when they have a really bad idea that will fail, they move with great haste, ObamaCare being a perfect case in point. They will also try to destroy the true heroes who come along every now and then; Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and yes, Sarah Palin. People who genuinely love the America that we all do are now seen as the enemy, and we must reverse that trend.

America has been sacked, folks, and nary a shot was ever fired, just as my dear grandfather warned me over forty years ago. Patriots have been guilty of complacency in past years, of figuratively sitting still while the country moved away from us. We didn't even have a thumb out to catch a ride, we were simply content to watch the traffic go by. And we have paid a dear price.

I say it's time we began walking briskly again to get back to where were used to be, the greatest country on Earth.

And a simple thumb in the breeze wouldn't hurt, either.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rome Begins to Burn

As Rome Burns
Many comparisons have been made of late between the United States of America and the Roman Empire, especially in terms of longevity. Our demise here in America has been predicted for decades -- whether with joy or lugubriousness -- but we have never been so close to fulfilling these predictions as we are right now.

Like our own, Rome's Senate became so corrupt and divided that they were no longer the voice of the people they were in the early days. Bribes and bickering became the norm in latter days, and the people became disenfranchised and bitter. Much like Obama has been systematically dividing America into two symbolically warring factions, Emperor Constantine divided the Empire in half.

Certain regimes in Rome debased the currency, causing crippling inflation. A coin didn't have a default value, it was based on silver, and during the reign of Claudius, a coin was represented by less than 1% silver. High taxes were also a part of Rome's ruin.

Apparently, none of the same tactics employed by Obama seem to be having the same effect on America, at least not fast enough for Captain Speed's liking. We already know how Obama wants things done with great haste. That much should be obvious to everyone who remembers the way his monumental health care bill was rammed through Congress over the objections of a majority of Americans.

ObamaCare is already showing disturbing signs of being severely detrimental to the American economy, from soaring rates, to rationed medical care, to hidden taxes no one knew about until recently, including the "medical excise tax". For those who don't know what the medical excise tax is, or think it may not affect you for years, think again. IRS Pub.510, chapter 5 reveals that this new tax is not limited to medical devices, as was billed to the public, but encompasses everything from fishing poles, to archery items, and to "gas guzzling" automobiles.

Our currency is slipping against world markets and may soon lose its status as the standard bearer in world markets, and yet our government keeps printing more worthless pieces of paper called "dollars". Inflation is currently -- and artificially -- low, but it won't stay that way forever. Our government actively advertises food stamps and welfare and strives to legalize 11 million people who came here against our laws. It's a textbook strategy devised by Cloward and Piven to destroy America from within, and half of our citizens vote for it because they can't be bothered to learn about anything beyond Kim Kardashian's babies name.

The schools in America -- run by the State -- have for decades endeavored to dumb down our youth, many of whom are now old enough to vote. We have all but destroyed this country already through an apathy to our surroundings and a desire for toys and instant gratification. To most of these people, the ways things are are the way they have always been, and attempts by patriots with memories to persuade them otherwise are met with derision.

To Obama's dismay, America has not yet buckled under all the pressure, showing a resilience even I never knew she had. Obama must feel like Apollo Creed, astounded that after sustaining a vicious beating, Rocky Balboa refused to go down.

That is a testament to America's character and strength, but must never be taken for granted. Even as we struggle to maintain our balance and avoid teetering over, it must be noted that, like a piece of parchment left too near a candle, our edges are becoming charred and could burst into flame at any time. Our only hope is to educate our children and our neighbors in the hopes of reversing the terrible state of our nation.

Now that the IRS has been outed, I expect the TEA Party and similar groups will be less encumbered in the future, and will be more active in getting the message out without fear of reprisal. We must take back our government and our country before it's too late.

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