Monday, December 30, 2013

Give Me a Candidate Who Plays to the Majority

I know who he is, do you?
At the risk of being viewed as an absolutist, I am going to go out on a limb to state that every poll ever conducted still has the United States of America comprised of more Conservative patriots than Progressives, Liberals, or Socialists. Some say that the gap is still 2-1, and I will accept that, despite our electoral beatings of late.

The reason, I maintain, for those losses by Conservatives is our tepid support for people who speak our language and voice our concerns. Not only are a majority of our candidates terrified of articulating our views, but we, the electorate allow the media to trash our candidates or outright pick them for us. This practice has to end, and end this year.

I want a candidate who will stand tall and declare that the welfare state is over, and not back down when the Left shrieks that he will "kill the poor". I want a candidate who will stand even taller, and tell the people -- all the people listening -- how he will help them despite the obvious growing pains involved in that aid. In other words, I want a candidate unafraid to speak truth that hurts, truth that frightens and truth that is what it's billed as; the truth.

I want a candidate who will remind those poor souls -- who will soon find out for themselves -- that Obamacare is not free, and who will work tirelessly to repeal that monstrosity once and for all. And this candidate should state most emphatically that every ghetto in America is owned by Liberal Democrats, who have never solved a single problem that they have campaigned on, and have only enriched themselves at the expense of the poor for whom they profess to care.

I want a candidate who will finally expose the Ponzi scheme that is Global Warming, and get our country on a true path to energy independence. The evidence is on our side, and educating the masses should prove to be child's play.

I want a candidate that will tell the American people that in the real world, you don't graduate High School and get a job paying fifteen dollars per hour, but will have to work your way up to that and beyond through hard work and determination. I want a candidate who will tell people that there are no gold stars or trophies for mediocrity, and that respect is earned, not guaranteed. And speaking of entitlements, those are also earned, like Social Security and unemployment benefits. And he should tell us that the free ride is over, and stand by it.

Of course, it is incumbent on the rest of us to support and stand by this candidate, for he will surely face a firestorm of outrage by the Leftists and the media, an obvious redundancy. But how will they react when we rise up in solidarity and keep the poll numbers for such a candidate high? What if we all stay strong and -- even if the polling becomes skewed -- respond by showing up at the ballot box on election day and win? Will the media finally have to concede that the mandate is a Conservative one?

Highly doubtful, but what difference, at that point, would it make if our guy wins? We can do this, people, if we stay strong and get out to the polls. We need another Ronald Reagan or we are finished.

So let me ask you this question. If we had a candidate who boldly declared war on the Socialist model we are now seeing, would it gin you up? Would it excite you enough to get out and bang heads with the Left? Remember, two heads are better than one, and with a 2-1 margin in our favor, it should be long as we don't let complacency take hold again.

First, give us that candidate, then it's up to us to take the baton from there. It starts with taking back Congress next year, and then we build upon that for 2016.

Happy New Year to all, and let's make sure it is!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

An Odd Declaration of War

Change the political paradigm.
What a strange year 2013 has been. Conservatives learned that in the world of the new Liberal -- led by Barack Hussein Obama -- we are the true enemies of America, while the cretins who killed four of our fellow patriots in Benghazi were deserving of not only a cover story, but an attempt at excusing their actions as the result of a bogus video which enraged them. Perhaps this might explain why Obama left those men to die while he slept.

Don't think of this as anything we can or should do something about, because it is the way Liberals have always felt about us, and Conservatives have to learn to accept that truth as the new reality. I begin that epiphany with the belief that today's Liberals have revealed their true selves and intentions out of a false sense of hubris that makes them feel invincible.

After the attacks on Benghazi, the President and all his MSNBC minions were desperately trying to blame the American who made a video that was purported to "insult Islam" and that the attack was a spontaneous reaction to said video. It wasn't until a few days later that we realized that many of the attackers had never even heard of the video, much less seen it. Regardless, the administration locked up the author of the video on "unrelated" charges. How convenient.

Then came the dreaded government shutdown and all the shenanigans that accompanied it, and the same people making excuses for radical Muslims were busy calling Congressional Republicans names such as "terrorists", "arsonists" and "murderers". References were made to Republicans "strapping bombs to their chests". So what happened to Obama's promise in 2008 of a new dialogue in Washington? Perhaps the victory went to their heads, but the tone is worse than it has ever been.

And there were the moments when the administration tried to shut World War II veterans out of their own memorial and then subsequently hosted a rally for illegal aliens in another "closed" section of federal park land. We've got schools installing footbaths to accommodate Muslim students while tearing down Christmas cards in a Georgia school. And just the other day, we learned of the U.S. Army sending an "equal opportunity officer" to Mississippi's Camp Shelby to tell soldiers not to say the word Christmas. How is than an "equal opportunity"?

So let's boil all of this down to make it super clear to all. To the left in America today, if you love America and her traditions and culture, and wish to preserve those ideals that got us through 237 years, you're a vile, hateful, bigoted terrorist. If you actually strap a bomb on yourself or a school bus and blow it up, you just "may have a legitimate gripe".

So why do I write this, then, if I earlier stated that we have to learn to accept that truth as the new reality? Well, what I meant was, we're never going to change the minds of the Liberals. They have come too far and have gone 'round the bend, so our only option at this point is to defeat them. Once in America people who openly embraced the likes of Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevarra were cast out as lepers. Today, those people run the country and we will never convince them to change, so if it's war they want, let's give them one.

We can't do that by following the example of a wimpy John McCain, who during the 2008 campaign actually disavowed those who dared to speak ill of then candidate Obama. You should have encouraged them, John, especially in retrospect. We have to use the words Obama himself once uttered; "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun". We can't defeat these people with guns that shoot daisies.

So as we enter 2014, we have to develop a new plan, one that uses the philosophy of Reagan, one of no pale pastels, but one of bold colored differences, to paraphrase. Will you stand with Ted Cruz? Will you rally behind Mike Lee? Will you elect more like them in 10 months? These are the things we need to do, not to be intimidated into silence by those who no longer share the values of America. And we cannot be timid in our language, because the left in America simply do not share American values, and that point must be hammered out over and over.
Guys like this have been
around too long.

If our slumbering compatriots can rise up in 2014, we can defeat the left and take our country back. But we must also eradicate the people in government who have sold us out time and again, they being Republicans in name only. We must vote them out of their comfy chairs and send them into retirement, where they will continue to live off of the toil of the American people, but will no longer be able to harm us further.

As a precaution, I must issue a special NSA disclaimer, because I know ya'll are watching, and I don't want to end up in a dissident's gulag. I am not advocating for the use of guns or any other form of weaponry, but rather rhetoric alone. I am not calling for insurrection, but a change in direction.

We can take our country back peacefully, people, if we work hard enough.

In 2014, make it so.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Bayoneted

When you run out of bullets,
stab them to death
"What war on Christmas", the Liberals say whenever confronted by outraged Christian conservatives over the removal of a Nativity scene here or there. "Don't be silly", they pooh-pooh when some atheist tries to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance and the right tries to fight back. "We just want inclusion for all", is the lefts mantra when they try to alter the landscape we have all grown up surrounded by, and we just shut up and let them roll over us.

These times have changed, of that there can be no doubt, but they can be changed back, and we must start on that road sooner than later.

It is now being reported that an "equal opportunity officer" at Mississippi's Camp Shelby has delivered to the 158th Infantry Brigade an Army edict that the word "Christmas" must be avoided. This is a particularly odd year for such an edict, though, since Hanukkah was a month ago and Christmas is the only holiday at this time. So what is so inclusive about this ruling?

What's so truly galling about this latest dust-up is that it is our own American military carving out these new "rights" for others at the expense of our soldiers, many of whom rely on their faith to keep them safe when in battle, whatever that faith may be. One day out of the year to commemorate the Birth of Jesus can't be so traumatic for the rest of the non-Christians, can it?

To make matters worse, the left has succeeded in making this type of outrage almost normal for our young, who have it thrust down their throats every year at this time. From Christmas carols being banned at their schools to Christmas cards being torn down from the halls, the kids are starting to see this as a normal thing. What's next, will the sundry "neighborhood watch" groups from all over the country try to ban Nativity scenes and inflatable Santa Claus's from peoples front yards?

No, I say it is time to put a stop to all this madness. Let one fifth of a percent of Muslims complain to the school board if they feel offended by Christ, but listen to the seventy or so percent of parents when they say they want a Christmas concert.

It's never been a secret that it is impossible to make everyone happy, so let's stop trying to offset the balance by kowtowing to the minority all the time. They will get over it. And who knows, when all the bickering is over, they might just enjoy a little tidings of joy, however short lived it is.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers! And a felix sit annus novus!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When Will We Get Angry Enough?

Yet the people who defend us must pay?
That is a broad question, to be certain, for first we must ascertain who the "we" is. I maintain that "we" pertains to a wide yet mostly obscure segment of American society. A segment that once was commonplace in the late 18th century, and has since allowed itself to be relegated to near anonymity, a status for which we have no one to blame but ourselves.

We have surrendered our children to the Department of Education, a federal behemoth which has been ever increasingly encroaching on our rights as parents, the Common Core fiasco being the latest salvo in that particular war. We have slumbered as our government has amassed powers far beyond those envisioned by our Founding Fathers, and now we raised our dreary heads and stare in puzzled amazement at the America we have long taken for granted, wiping our sleepy eyes in wonder at what has transpired in our somnambulance. 

Sure, there are patriots all over the place now, furious at the machinations of the Federal Government, but have we slept too long?

Ours has been the finest and most feared military machine for more than a century, and not long ago there was not a country on the planet that dared provoke us. The Soviet Union growled and snarled back in the day, but even they would not dare cross the line of action. After the September 11th attacks, a whole new generation mobilized to go and get those responsible for that terrible day, nearly mirroring the acts of the Greatest Generation in their zeal.

So how do we repay these brave young men and women, aside from some heart warming applause from the travelers in an airport?

We -- as a country -- give them the Ryan-Murray budget bill, a sellout of the very people who have been fierce protectors of America and her values, and an extra mud pie in the faces of the American taxpayer. The people we elect to represent us in government are, despite our objections, us. We can try as we might to distance ourselves from their insane bargaining and proclamations, but in the end, they are us, much to our chagrin. Explain that to the disabled kid home from Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Ryan-Murray budget bill cuts military benefits for veterans of war, both healthy and disabled, but it doesn't touch welfare for illegal aliens. (Yes, I call them "illegal aliens", not undocumented workers). So the Democrats in Congress decided that a potential voting base of aliens was more important than the people who defend this nation.

The post title was described by me as a broad question, and that is true, but there is an even more important question lurking here. When we are angry enough, what will we do?

Think on that one for a while, folks.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hope and Change, American Style

An encouraging sign in discouraging
Did you feel that? Did you feel the tremors underfoot a few days ago? Have you felt the Earth rumbling since the disastrous rollout of, or whatever? Tonight, there will be one last shock wave that the whole country will feel, and it will start the tsunami waves rolling toward 2014. And the result will make 2010 look like a tea party (pun definitely intended) by comparison.

We know what the Democrats are all about. We've known it all along, so the anger in America will be directed at them in an expected way, a sort of given. I'm talking about the so-called "establishment Republicans" who tonight will vote in the House to betray us once more, all the while trying to assuage our angst while simultaneously attacking our true heroes.

Tonight, the House will vote on the new budget sellout, and try to sell us on the merits of it, because we all know how that vote will go.

In 2009, the American people were awakened to the horrors of what the Democrats intended to inflict on us, and after the passage -- albeit corrupt beyond words -- of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a projectile-beverage inducing name if ever there was one), we showed the political class in Washington our collective rage in the 2010 elections. In the  years since then, the TEA Party went underground, seeming to dissipate into the ether from whence they materialized, prompting the Washington elites to declare the movement both dead and a flash in the pan.

We have allowed the beneficiaries of our electoral prowess to perform the duties for which we sent them, and many have performed admirably. Yet, with our seeming absence, the "establishment" types have resorted to their old ways, feeling safe in the halls of Congress to bully our people. To our people, I say: We have not forsaken you, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul. We are right here, ready to finish what we started in 2010.

To the bullies, who called our Senators and Representatives "wacko birds", among other terms, I say you folks might want to start thinking about retirement, because your days are numbered. And to future candidates thinking about running on the peoples' ticket, I suggest you think about campaign strategies starting now, because we plan to clean out the cesspool in just under a year. Make yourselves known to the electorate now, because we are coming for some heads on Capitol Hill, and there will be plenty of room for "our guys" to settle in.

Folks like John McCain, Lindsay Graham and John Boehner have taken us for granted one last time, and we are done taking it any longer.

And finally, to my fellow TEA Party patriots...get the word out and let's VOTE this time. No more waiting for the other guy to vote, no more defeatist attitudes...let's do this. Or, as Todd Beamer would say, "Let's roll".

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

America: Rusting From the Bottom Up

A sad illustration of America's fate.
When I was a young man I had no interest in politics at all, even laughing about a particular colleague who listened to talk radio all day long while he worked. I often wondered how he could listen to various hosts talk for hours on end. Then one day I listened on my way home, and boy, were my eyes opened.

I'm not sure it was a good thing at times, what with my blood pressure now requiring daily medications to keep it in check, but part of that is also attributed to advanced age and poor diet. Nevertheless, I am helpless now to escape the grip of politics and the insane world around me as our politicians seem intent on destroying the country I have always loved.

Liberals are a frustrating lot, seeming to have an endless array of angles from which to attack our institutions and brainwash our young. It is hard at times to keep up, but try we must lest we all perish at their hands. Liberals have made it a bit easier in recent years as their collective hubris has compelled them to free themselves from the shadows from which they once operated, much like the Taliban stepping from their caves with a new sense of invincibility. While some still wince at the mere mention of Socialism, others have thrown off their cloaks to proudly display the Socialist cape. (I saw a car the other day in my once predominantly Conservative enclave bearing the likeness of Che Guevara!)

Common Core in our public school system is a perfect example whereby the left feels free to gain control of our children right out in the open. It's gotten to the point where Liberals in schools feel that the children belong to them until they decide to let their parents have them back for a while. Case in point is the Tennessee father arrested  in November when he tried to pick up his kids early from school. (Pay particular attention to the quote from a school official at the end of that article, in which he mentions the "safety of our kids".)

The real problem now lies not in the colleges -- where kids were indoctrinated in Liberal ways after most of their formative years were behind them -- but in our elementary and secondary schools when their minds are most impressionable. The efforts were always there to some degree, but never as overt as they are now. When we now have curricula that asks students  to delete two articles from the "outdated Bill of Rights" as an exercise -- particularly ironic since many of them are not even taught what the Bill of Rights are -- we have a fundamental problem with education.

One of the things that problem helps create is a mentality of entitlement that we now see itself manifested in the ridiculous demand for a king's ransom for an entry level job. (Remember those?) Kids are taught not only that their evil parents are responsible for "catastrophic climate change", but also that they themselves are all special and deserve a trophy. So the kids naturally extrapolate from that mindset that when they get out of school, even with nothing more than a high school diploma, that they should be paid enough to live on their own in a nice home.

Nowhere are they taught -- save, perhaps at home -- that they may have a tough go of it while they work hard and build experience and a reputation as a good worker. No, they are led to believe that dessert comes before dinner.

McDonalds workers are striking for $15.00 per hour, and the Democrats are stirring up Walmart workers and protesting alongside them at times. Yet watch them wail if they ever get their precious "living wage" and Walmart and stores like it either close up shop or start charging Lord and Taylor prices. Hell, give them all twenty dollars or more per hour and watch them try to shop without the affordable stores.

All these poor workers -- being led by the nose from Democrats -- will find is that they will have protested themselves right into a living hell when they must rely on the government for their existence. In the meantime, all the children coming up behind them will be equally indoctrinated in the same way, will grow up and see the abject failure of what their predecessors had wrought, and demand more, and this pattern will continue until our streets look like those of France.

Is this what our Founders fought for? Is this what our parents and grandparents fought for? I think not, and it's time we got the federal government out of our schools and begin teaching not only life skills to our kids, but the integrity by which they recognize the value of hard work and then the reward. Teach them that failure happens and it's okay as long as they strive to do better next time until they succeed. Teaching them that failure also deserves a gold star is the wrong message. Their little egos will quickly learn the true value of what success actually means.

People, wake up, I beg you. If we continue down our current path, our grandchildren will not only have a massive debt from which they will never escape, but an America -- if that's what it's still called then -- that none of us would recognize.

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