Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The President Spells Out Dad's Dreams

Not "Dreams of My Father"
Apparently Barack Hussein Obama is feeling rather confident that his radical ideology is popular with the people, since he is slowly lowering the mask he wears little by little. He may think that he is presenting a choice between left and right ideologies in America, but what he is actually doing is trying to figuratively kill both political disciplines by using one to bludgeon the other.

Perhaps it is yet another sign of his own inexperience in real life, or that of American life more particularly, because while Obama may have captured the adoration of the genuinely lazy and envious, he has managed only to further infuriate Americans who have been for years aggravated and frustrated. And while the left has worked tirelessly for the past five decades to soften the minds of our children through the public school system, we have taught them far more effectively just what it means to be an American, as opposed to merely living here. In short, we as children eventually outgrow the indoctrination as we mature.

This may be precisely why the class warfare rhetoric of Obama and the Democrat Party are failing. The sound bites make for great platitudes, but people quickly see through them and end up shaking their heads. The American people are finally beginning to outgrow the mainstream media and the deceptions utilized by that once-honorable profession as they see the lies and omissions being used to protect a favored candidate.

While the Obama campaign ratchets up the untrue rhetoric against the Romney-Ryan ticket, the ads become nastier, more desperate and increasingly false and hysterical. After nearly four years of the failed leadership of Obama -- combined with the nearly perpetual campaigning by the man who should have been doing the work of the people -- it has become ever more clear to those very people that Obama's vision of the America he sought to transform it into more closely resembles the dreams his father had for Kenya. Or the dreams his surrogate father, Frank Marshall Davis -- and the Kremlin -- had for us.

And on the early campaign trail -- particularly after the selection of Paul Ryan for vice presidential running-mate -- Obama's message not only becomes more shrill, but also more obviously anti-American in tone. In stunning bravado, rather than trying to figuratively "tunnel under" the radar of true patriots, Obama is all but flying the hammer and sickle at campaign rallies.

Consider the state of the economy under the previous administration of George W. Bush for the first six years of a Republican-controlled Congress  compared to the last two years -- 2007 and 2008 -- after the Democrats regained control of both chambers. Also consider the steep downward spiral after the Democrats completed the trifecta by winning the Executive branch.

Then remember whenever Obama says that Republicans want to take us back to the "failed policies of the past", that he is lying because the Republicans don't want that, and that what he is really attacking is his own party's record. The "mess" Obama claims he inherited was made by his own alleged party, the Democrats. (I refuse to lay blame equally on Obama as a member of the Congressional session that convened in 2007 only because he was largely a non-participant.)

Perhaps one of the greatest ironies of all time is this; Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a socialist Kenyan who loathed the Colonial power of England, and sought to crush their rule at all cost. Obama Jr. wrote of his "Dreams from [His] Father" to wide acclaim. But Junior's main ambition has been to crush the "colonial" rule of the United States of America, which also crushed the colonial rule of England.

A narcissist in power is never a good thing. A confused and inept narcissist is downright dangerous when in control of a nation, especially when it's a nation he loathes. My question is, why can't a single person in the mainstream media realize this?

Not that that matters much now, anyway, as the mainstream media has succeeded in relegating itself to the scrap heap of relevance by its own malfeasance. The people have awakened and are tired of being told on a daily basis to ignore the evidence their own eyes present. The only danger that lies ahead for the future of America is the Obama crowd's realization of their own futility, and how they react to it. It may get very, very ugly.

I think that we, the people, are ready for victory regardless.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The "Palinization" of Paul Ryan Begins

Wait for it...
Before Mitt Romney even made the official announcement that Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan would be his pick for vice president, the mere speculation was enough to fire up the Liberal punditry and begin the assault. Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker  filed the first attack piece just hours before the news was known, and the hypocrisy of it was instantly apparent.

In the opening paragraph of his piece, Lizza speculates that if the pick is Ryan, Romney will have "made the most daring decision of his political career." Lizza's reason is because he believes that there are many "risks" in a Ryan pick, the most ominous of which is what Lizza cites as Ryan's lack of "significant private-sector experience". (Sarah Palin redux, anyone?).

Lizza sniffs that Ryan's jobs at McDonalds, the family construction business or "waiting tables as a young Washington staffer" are meaningless, as private sector experience goes. He even "worries" aloud that Ryan is a comparable light-weight for the business-savvy Romney. But then Lizza doubles down on absurdity when he also complains of the lightness of Paul Ryan's Washington experience.

As I read the piece, I immediately thought of the comparisons to then-senator Obama in 2008 and his own qualifications to be president of the United States. Obama never had any job, not even at McDonalds, and he was running for POTUS after only 143 days as a U.S. senator. Ryan has been in Congress for fourteen years. Naturally, I wondered how Mr. Ryan Lizza felt about the chances of an even lighter Barack Hussein Obama in 2008.

It didn't take long to find out. I found an article by Lizza  in The New Yorker from July 21, 2008 in which the author took fifteen pages to gush about the rising star of Barack Hussein Obama. Throughout the entire article there is not one bit of evidence that Lizza was concerned over the lack of experience in the candidate to actually become president, yet now he frets that Ryan lacks the experience to be a "potential president". The reasoning behind the absence of Lizza's concern in 2008 is stunning:
Pritzker, whose family, one of the wealthiest in Chicago, owns the Hyatt hotel chain, was as crucial to Obama’s next campaign as Toni Preckwinkle’s was to his first. “We were talking about whether he was ready to do this or not,” Pritzker told me. She was blunt, telling Obama, “As I see it, the two things that you’re going to need to address are your executive leadership skills, because your résumé doesn’t have that in it, and the second would be your credentials in national security.” Obama returned with an organizational chart indicating how the campaign would be structured—one of his great tactical advantages over the disorganized Clinton campaign—along with a list of advisers. Pritzker agreed to become his finance chair. 
That "Pritzker agreed to become his finance chair" after her concerns over Obama's experience were apparently allayed by his production of an organizational chart seems to be good enough for Lizza. The hypocrisy is blinding.

This is only the beginning, too, and we can expect to see the mainstream media throw all they've got at Paul Ryan in the coming months. How fortunate for them this time that they only have to travel to Wisconsin for their dumpster-diving forays, instead of trekking all the way up to Alaska.

Hey, maybe they'll even find an old picture of Paul Ryan shooting a moose!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

American Values with a Delicious Crispy Coating

For many Americans after the frightening gains of the Progressive movement since Barack's election, 2012 may have seemed like the ebb of our nation, much like the autumnal radiance of a receding sun on the horizon casts long, lugubrious shadows on the ground before us. It was almost as though our greatness was dying out like a spent candle, time rapidly becoming a traitorous former ally we curse as the darkness envelopes us.

Then spring and summer happened, along with a brutal Republican primary contest, from which Mitt Romney emerged -- relatively unscathed -- as our presumptive nominee. Not everyone was thrilled at the outcome, but since the inevitable has become evident, people have accepted it with a sense of calm. That is good for our side in this fight. Aiding in that acceptance, though, has been a campaign run by Romney's people done well combined with an Obama campaign seemingly designed to unmask the incumbent and his agenda.

Perhaps Obama and his handlers thought that theirs was a populist agenda that was ready for a full unveiling, and if so, it was a grave miscalculation. There may be no better indicator of such a miscue as the Chick-fil-A dust-up. I know I run the risk of annoying several gay friends by this writing, but they know well my heart and will only take umbrage at the words.

That being said, yesterday was "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day", and it seems that the heart of America voted with their appetites. Reports coming in indicate that the lines at local restaurants were long and persistent. People all across America were expressing their support for traditional American values, but in a broader sense than most observers may have suspected.

What happened at Chick-fil-A restaurants around the country yesterday was nothing less than a testament to the values a majority of Americans still hold dear, despite the appearance that we had long ago gone into hibernation. No, this entire affair had nothing at all to do with gay marriage -- except perhaps peripherally -- and everything to do with the tolerance that is lacking on the left. And more importantly, it demonstrated that Americans are not nearly as ready as many believed to accept a tyrannical government.

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy was asked a question in an interview about gay marriage and he answered honestly. His religious belief is that marriage traditionally is between one man and one woman. It is a belief that most Americans still share, despite the distorted demographics portrayed in the main stream media (MSM). Cathy did not shout or demagogue in his answer, he simply stated his belief, and even though he has never refused service to gays nor discriminated against them in hiring, he's been labelled as a "hater".

Lines Around Chick-fil-A on 8/1/12
That's bad enough and, sadly, almost to be expected in this toxic political world in which we live, but the real trouble started when mayors of major cities began to target the restaurant for banishment because of a simple statement by its CEO. The response of ordinary Americans yesterday was to deliver the chain's highest single-day revenue intake ever.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was threatening to block efforts by Chick-fil-A to build any more restaurants in the city, saying, "Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values." Yet, in the same week, the "godfather" welcomed Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and his minions to help curb the rampant violence on Chicago streets, and no one in the MSM bothered to notice that Farrakhan has been militantly anti-gay, nor recognized the hypocrisy of such a blatant anti-Christian agenda in the face of such warm Muslim acceptance.

The people politely waiting in line at Chick-fil-A restaurants around America yesterday noticed, though, and they have proven that the subversive sub-culture apparently "leading" our nation at the moment is destined to fail in November.

The American people are ready to follow the TEA Party -- or even lead it -- back to the values that most of us still embrace but had for too long taken for granted, and election day could become a most bitter pill for the current controllers.

As for the issue of gays and marriage, please understand, finally, that the masses don't hate you or wish you harm. After all, we've always known you were there and only recently -- metaphorically speaking -- learned to stop tormenting you. Many of us favor some form of civil union that provides for visitation and will rights, but we will never accept marriage. If we can get you the same benefits without the title, would that be enough?

For the friends I mentioned earlier, I'd wager that it would be, for it is for that reason that I love them. There is no militancy in their desires, and no resistance in mine, we simply love one another and let it be. If the rest of the "community" could grasp that simple concept, imagine the harmony we could enjoy.

Meanwhile, it must be noted that what we saw yesterday is but the tip of what I believe we'll see in 96 days. For all of the premature obituaries offered up by the MSM regarding the TEA Party, there will be many more demonstrations like yesterday to prove them wrong in the coming months. We the people have had our fill of the "progressive" agenda. The only difference now is, we're finally prepared to show it.

Get ready to wake up, America.

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