Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Catch Phrase: Constitutional Fetish

Where's the Expiration Date?
Liberals - now to be referred to as "Progressives" because Liberals no longer liked the negative connotation of the word "liberal" - have been scared witless (I know, I know) by the sudden truculence of the people. As they marched onward with their radical plans to transform America into their Socialist Utopia, those formerly passive people were either unaware or indifferent, perhaps refusing to believe the reality of what was afoot.

No longer. With the rise of the former Speaker of the House to the election of Barack Hussein Obama, people finally saw and realized the full extent of what the Progressives were attempting to do. And they rose up, loudly.

The response from the left - both politicians and pundits - was a defiant one in which they attempted to ridicule and belittle the new opposition, and it almost worked. If not for the relentless work of the Tea Party and similar groups, combined with a brave new crop of political nubiles unafraid to embrace the new ferocity, the Left may have succeeded.

There were many different attacks from the new "Obama Movement" on us. There was the "gun-toting, Bible-clinging" intended insult, which seems a strange position for an allegedly devout Christian like Barack Obama. The very people at whom that barb was hurled, however, instead caught and embraced it proudly. Obama even denigrated middle Americans for having American flags on their pickup trucks. Again, the response from middle Americans was, "Damn right"!

Deeply held American values, generations old and passed down from parents, were suddenly the object of ridicule. The Left tried to pass such traditions off as old and archaic. We weren't buying.

During the lead up to the passage of Obama Care, when constituents demanded of their representatives to know the Constitutional authority of Congress to ram it down our throats, some said that they didn't care about that document. They said it was too imperative to get the bill - which they hadn't even read - passed. Big mistake. People embraced the Constitution even more tightly.

Not a problem for the Progressive cabal; now they wonder aloud what this new "fetish" for the Constitution means, and why we right-wingers care so much. According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, a fetish is defined as -  b : an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion.

That is critical, because it signifies that the Left views the document responsible for this great nation's rise to prominence as irrational, and to revere that document as obsessive. They would prefer to toss it aside like an old novel and move on (pardon the pun), and take this country in a new direction.

Sound familiar? It should. The Democrats slogan leading up to the 2006 elections that swept them into power was "A New Direction for America". And in 2008, the Obama campaign was all about "change". Since then, we have gotten both, and all it's done is to drive more and more people back to the Founding document. The left calls that "going backward". Glenn Beck has a better description.

Beck portrays it as simply going back far enough to see where we left the tracks, and restart on the one that gave us the best success. I agree, and it is something we are still capable of doing, so long as we don't let the bullies make us cry.

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