Friday, March 4, 2011

When the World's Big Brother is Gone

World's Best Big Brother
Despite the vitriol hurled at us from tyrannical nations - and from sympathizers with those nations - from within our own borders, it is indisputable that no other country in Earth's history has ever been more generous with its money or human treasures than the United States. Have we always gotten it right? Of course not, but our intentions were always of the purest nature. As the saying goes, "to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs".

During most of the twentieth century, the world understood that there was no better friend - and no worse enemy - than America. Small, peaceful nations felt secure knowing that we were ready to defend them, and bigger nations with less-than-honorable intent knew it. There was balance, no matter how tenuous.

In times of strife or war, we sent our young to fight and bleed, spent fortunes in gold to fund the efforts, claimed victory at the end and gave it all back when the dust had settled. Those who have tried to portray America as a "conquering empire" are complete fools and sinful liars. Even the Middle East nations, which critics refer to as our oil exploitation "victims", have become wealthy with virtually no other industry because we buy the damned stuff from them, after showing them where it was and teaching them how to get it.

We have history to remind us of what the world would be like without a strong America. We have the Jimmy Carter presidency, and the Islamic revolution in Iran. We have been criticized for propping up the Shah, a dictator overthrown in that revolt, but at least under his rule, secularism was the fare. People were , ironically, free. Now they suffer the tyranny of religion from the mullahs, Ayatollahs and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Carter tried the Neville Chamberlain approach to diplomacy, and for nearly the last year-and-a-half of his term, 51 of our citizens were held hostage by the new leadership in Iran, forged under the timidity of the Carter years. We weren't done yet, though. We still had fight and pride left to spend, and as Ronald Reagan was being sworn into office as the 40th President of the United States, those 51 hostages were freed, because Iran knew we'd be coming to get them back.

Coming out of the malaise of the late 1970's, during which most Americans seemed to lose their spirit, it wasn't long before the country swelled anew with pride and patriotism under Reagan's leadership. The world soon followed, bolstered by the sight of the Berlin Wall falling at the hands of ordinary Germans, and the emergence of a strange bedfellow, Mikhail Gorbachev. When the Soviet Union finally collapsed, Reagan's "Morning in America" suddenly dawned on the planet.

That was back when America was the World's Big Brother, the one who would be there to make sure no one harmed his little brother. It was back when our leadership was strong and principled, and most importantly, clearly evident. And it was when bullies dared not make the attempt to ply their trade. They were left to hide their misdeeds inside the "home", so to speak, with the likes of Saddam Hussein abusing his "children" within his own walls.

Saddam's Infamous Capture
With the events going on around Africa and the Middle East, and the reticent attitude emanating from Pennsylvania Avenue today to even speak out on it, we see the Libyan leader Ghadaffi behaving like he is beyond reproach. This is from the same lion-turned-lamb by first Reagan, then George W. Bush. Reagan sent a missile into Ghadaffi's tent, and Bush made him witness to Saddam being pulled, disheveled and haggard, from a hole in the ground where he hid in fright from the military he insisted would "die at his gates". Ghadaffi immediately surrendered his nukes at the sight of that event.

Today, he bombs his own people with military jets with impunity, thumbing his nose at the power that scared him witless on two occasions. Back home, Barack Hussein Obama dances to the sounds of Motown in the people's house while others die abroad and Americans struggle through an anemic economy. When not preoccupied with presidential palace festivities or taxpayer-funded campaign trips, Obama attacks states in his own union for exercising the precepts of the U.S. Constitution, and insults long-time allies ad nauseam.

As our house crumbles around us, the thugs outside are rioting, pillaging and looting. Southern neighbors are kicking at our doors and walls, killing members of our family. And the first family frets over calories in school lunches. Meanwhile, our press remains oblivious to the madness of it all and our foreign policy seems to be to alienate every friend we've ever had.

We now have two glaring historical examples of what the world be like without our benevolent power. If we let it all slip away, there won't be anyone to save us from the fate of our folly or the next power that fills the void. We can't assume the same level of kindness will be present in that one. And we certainly can't assume that Israel won't survive at any cost. The Jews always have.

Since America appears to have abandoned them altogether as policy, and as the fragile peace from the world that surrounds them is eroding like a dune in a hurricane, Israel remains the only friendly superpower in the region. When they finally feel isolated, and the walls begin to close in on them, that badger will fight with a fury.

I say that if we fall, and Israel is left to their own devices, history will be starkly different than its previous renderings, and when Israel finally breathes its last defiant breath, the Caliphate will be complete. And then chaos will reign once again.

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Edisto Joe said...

Could it be that George Bush was right when he stated that freedom in Iraq would spread through out the Middle East? Could the liberals have been wrong in judging him? With all the turmoil over their now it seems to be the case. But alas, our foriegn policy under Obama does not have the strong guiding hand of "big brother" to effectively keep the wolves at bay during the turmoil. I fear as does Israel that the wrong leaders will take power and pose a larger threat to the United States and the rest of the world. So much for the Obama plan of diplomacy by apology!