Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Gathering Storm

The Liberal Establishment Poised to Explode
Despite the best attempts by Hollywood elites to present themselves as the "mainstream" of America, it's never really been a big secret that the Land of Glitter is perhaps the biggest bastion of Liberal group-think on the planet. Oh sure, there is a large segment of the population that absorbs the messages emanating from the Left coast just as naturally as vegetation does sunlight, but cognizant people have always rolled their eyes even as they may have chuckled at a sitcom or two.

The denizens of Hollywood, both behind and in front of the camera, have carefully cultivated the perception that they are caring, intelligent people who want to help the world's downtrodden and less fortunate. A significant component of that image has been attained at the expense of Conservatives, who are usually cast as the cold, uncaring, greedy types. And despite the claims that they are so tolerant, Hollywood Liberals are anything but, although they will deny such an accusation publicly and unanimously.

With this in mind, the next three weeks should prove to be quite...entertaining, if you'll pardon the pun. Traditionally, Liberals have ruled the roost in the television industry, imposing their will on America while ostracizing any Conservative who dared to step onto the playing field. We've known this even while the perpetrators would never openly acknowledge it. Now they are about to be exposed, and in their own words.

Primetime Propaganda Author
Ben Shapiro
The author of a new book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV,  is poised to blow the cover off of the Liberal elite establishment, and its members are not likely to be very happy about it. Ben Shapiro, the book's author, interviewed television directors and producers on camera with their full knowledge that he was doing it, thus implying consent. Regardless, the subjects will no doubt claim that they were somehow "waylaid".

As part of his promotion for the book, Shapiro will be releasing various interview videos in the next three weeks, sometimes coinciding with events involving the targets of his subjects' ire. For example, the first video released was on Hannity last night, on which Shapiro was a guest. As you might have guessed, it involved a Hollywood Liberal attack on Sean Hannity.

Another video interview due to be released soon will accompany the release of Ann Coulter's new book on June 7th. Ms. Coulter is also a favorite target of the Left. As Shapiro said, "I have two people ripping her by name, so I’ll release those the day Ann’s book is released". Shapiro hammers home the point through the videos and in the book that Conservatives aren't welcome in Hollywood. Perhaps that is because they would never aid in the indoctrination of the viewing audience but would, rather, spoil the whole darned thing for the Liberals.

To listen to Susan Harris speak, there could be yet another reason that Conservatives are walled out of the inner circle of the entertainment industry. The creator of Soap and The Golden Girls, Harris thinks that Conservatives are "idiots" and have "medieval minds", a rather convenient position for someone who peddles excrement to the unthinking masses.

The Left has invested an enormous amount of time, patience and cunning in their insidious quest to transform the country that made it possible for them to destroy it, an irony too rich to be ignored. It began in the public school system, graduated to the university level, and professionalized in the modern media of the time; television. How fitting that Mr. Shapiro may succeed in using a more modern form of media to rip the tarps off before the project of Socialism is complete.

There are two predictable ways in which the stars of these videos will react. One is that they will utilize the tried and true tactic of merely chuckling while waving off the attempts of a "Conservative Neanderthal", which would play favorably with the Liberals' mind-numbed audience. The other is that they will come out with gale-force winds in an attempt to rip Shapiro to shreds. That is where the "entertainment" factor would come in to play, for the smooth veneer that Liberals often hide behind would offer suffer the effects of such a fury, thus revealing their true side.

I'm counting on option number two. I'd wager that Ben Shapiro is, as well.

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