Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Movement Comparisons

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
As the Occupy Wall Street movement drags on and on, there are the inevitable comparisons to the TEA Party movement by various talking heads both on television and radio. Perhaps the most glaring difference between the two, however, is the way Democrats and the media treat each.

With the TEA Party rallies, the media routinely tried to downplay the size of the crowds, while the Democrats and liberal critics continually try to portray the movement as comprised of white racists, all with virtually no evidence of any such thing. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi just the other day reiterated the lie that TEA Party activists spit on black congressmen in the aftermath of the health care vote. Meanwhile, Andrew Breitbart is still waving that $100,000 reward for anyone who can provide audio or video evidence of such an event.

In the aftermath of the 9/12 TEA Party event in Washington DC, the only evidence that such a large rally took place was the neatly placed Hefty bags full of trash left near receptacles for parks employees to collect. In contrast, New York City officials averted a potential riot on Friday by postponing a scheduled cleaning of Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, where Occupy Wall Street protesters have been soiling the grounds for the past three weeks. In honor of their perceived "victory", the protesters promptly began scuffling with police and getting themselves arrested.

There have been no arrests at any TEA Party rallies to date. And as the photo above clearly demonstrates, the TEA Party group reveres the American flag, while the leftist "occupants" see the flag as a canvass for their ridiculous slogans. If one more person tells me that one exercising his "right to desecrate the flag" is patriotic, I may blow an artery.

An Endorsement the
TEA Party would reject 
While most clear-thinking Americans support the TEA Party and its smaller government objectives, the Occupy Wall Street movement has just picked up the support of two groups that the TEA Party would flat out reject, despite the claims of the left to the contrary.

Gateway Pundit recently reported that both the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party USA have expressed solidarity with the "occupiers", with the CPUSA once again aligning themselves with Barack Hussein Obama. The CPUSA endorsed Obama for president in 2008, and Obama is seeking to capitalize on the Occupy movement for his reelection.

We all know that Obama is no fan of America. He's made that clear by his Forgive Us Our Trespasses Tour shortly after his inauguration. But for him to align himself with a movement that sings songs like "F*** the USA" just speaks volumes about his national fidelity.

Yes, a website named Verum Serum has posted a lovely little video of some Portland Occupants singing the lovely little ditty mentioned above. While participants at TEA Party rallies routinely sing the Star Spangled Banner or listen to Lee Greenwood sing God Bless the U.S.A., the cretins who are now backed by Nazis, Communists and Obama sing of their loathing for our country. The video is below, but be aware that -- as incoherent as the "band" appears to be, there is still graphic language involved.

The irony is that they are singing this in the United States of America, where such actions are protected by the very military these sots loathe. I would like to see this band succeed, go on tour, and perform in Iran where they can change the hook line in the song to match the country in which they sing, which is common practice among touring bands. Please, jester-head, go to Tehran and sing F*** the Ayatollah. When your body returns to the blessed USA, we promise to take lots of pictures.

Whenever liberals get their knickers in a wad over having their patriotism questioned, we will always be available to direct them back toward such disgusting displays as this video. Meanwhile, the TEA Party will always love and fight for America.

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