Thursday, January 5, 2012

Perhaps the Mayans Foresaw Obama

A Critical Time for America
We've torn yet another page off of the calender, and as we plunge into  perhaps the most important election year of our American lifetimes and hurtle toward November, there are issues that must be dredged up from the 2008 campaign, despite the efforts of the mainstream media to bury or ignore them, both then and now.

There are still the unanswered issues of Obama's past associations -- deftly deflected by a press hell bent on seeing our first president of color -- that must be revisited in this campaign season. Add to those the only track record we have of the man, despite a coordinated war on truth by a compliant media, and the case against the incumbent would appear to be ironclad. Sadly, the defense seems to hold all the cards and the favor of the figurative judge.

While the ultimate judge is ostensibly we, the people, the fact is that we are merely the jury, while the media sets the rules and allows only select testimony, a la the judge in a trial. The good news is that this is not a trial in the true sense of the word, and we are not sequestered as a proper jury. We have other avenues to the truth, and it is imperative that we navigate those avenues with a keen scrutiny.

I'll leave it to the professionals to wage the war of nostalgia against the incumbent with the solemn hope that they play this election season like an inspired team, a team on a mission; a team with its backs to the wall. For the rest of us -- we of the metaphorical choir who need no further convincing -- it is imperative that we bang loudly the drum of discernible transgressions committed by Obama. Far from a campaign booster for a particular candidate, this is a desperate plea to my countrymen to put a stop to the march of tyranny on display before us for all to see.

Barack Hussein Obama and the current Democrat class of Congress are waging an all out war on our Constitution even as they insist that the opposite is true, and when we protest too loudly, our media "watchdogs" do little more than bark at our trespasses and fetch water for their ideological masters. Couple that with Obama Czars such as Mark Lloyd, FCC "diversity chief", whose mission is to stifle Conservative broadcasting through the so-called Fairness Doctrine, and our survival as the nation we once knew is indeed in jeopardy.

This Democrat in the Oval Office no longer believes that he needs to have the patience to abide by the rules of the Founders, as evidenced by his recent non-recess-recess appointments of four new Directors who should have been subject to the advice and consent of the Legislative Branch. Obama went so far as to defend his actions with remarks that Mark Levin declared the "forthright statement of a dictator".

Leftist Democrats have long held the belief that we the people are but stupid livestock, too stupid to fend for ourselves and therefore in dire need of their care and guidance. History proves otherwise, for it is the spirit of free men and women that built this great nation into the grand empire it recently was, before the opulent decided to oppress through false compassion.

If the Republicans can't mount a serious challenge to Obama -- what with the available material just waiting to be compiled into ready-made ads -- it might as well be that the Mayan calender ended in anticipation of Barack Hussein Obama, at least where America is concerned. Still, to go down without a fight would be a sin. So it is incumbent upon all of us to come to the realization that the world we once knew is on the verge of extinction, and the climate has nothing to do with it.

It is our very liberty that needs saving.

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