Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The First Domino Falls

Welcome Back, America!
Last night saw history made in the state of Wisconsin, as Governor Scott Walker easily won an election that could have tossed him on the small pile of governors recalled prior to yesterday. That did not happen though, because Americans have once again awakened from what was perhaps an induced slumber since 2008.

The history made was not as much as the fact that Walker survived the recall as it is that the electorate, by and large, has recognized the measures that will bankrupt them and successfully distinguished them from those that help the state prosper. History remains the station for the only two governors in American history to have been recalled; Gov. Lynn Frazier from North Dakota in 1921 and Gov. Gray Davis from California in 2003.

After watching the chaos created by Big Labor back at the beginning of Walker's term as governor, it is understandable for anyone to believe that the governor's policies were hugely unpopular in Wisconsin. But it should also be remembered that at the time -- mostly because of Big Labor --  the budget deficit was $3.6 billion and the state unemployment rate stood at nearly 9 percent. Since Walker has taken over, the deficit is gone with no additional taxes levied, and the unemployment rate is down to 6.7 percent.

Clearly, the voters in Wisconsin have seen a better direction, and have begun migrating toward it with last night's vote, perhaps signaling a genuine shift in the entire country back toward the right.

The Romney campaign needs to exploit that for all it's worth. Others in America -- those not particularly wired politically -- need to be shown the successes of other governors, like John Kasich of Ohio or Chris Christie of New Jersey, who have also righted their own ships of state, albeit with a bit more panache than Walker. Even though Walker won a recall, and therefore is actually still governor, there was doubt, so Wisconsin could be counted as the lead domino, the one that started it all.

Traditionally a Democrat state, Wisconsin just realized that Democrat policies are not fiscally responsible. The ramifications such a widespread realization would have across the nation portends ill winds for a President representative of disastrous fiscal policies -- and their results. What that means could be tremendous this November.

Republicans currently control 30 states, or 60 percent of the states. Wisconsin could prove a harbinger of defeat for further Democrat governors whose states are in dire financial straits. If people begin to wake up and realize that life could be better under a Republican leader, more states could begin falling like running dominoes.

The last domino sits on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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