Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fundamentally Transformed

The New World Order
In 2008, less than a week before the election of Barack Obama, the candidate told an audience that "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America", and boy, was he right. It was probably the last time he's told the truth since then. With the next presidential election now looming large on the horizon -- a mere 35 days away -- it might be a good time to remind our fellow Americans just how transformed we've become.

I wrote in September of 2008 to anyone planning to vote for Obama that if we woke up on January 21st of 2009 and didn't "recognize the country, don't come crying to me". Many have anyway, and I find my sympathies oddly intact, for those voters seem genuinely contrite. What's more is that the change has been so striking that changing it back is no longer an option but of paramount importance, so I am in a mood to forgive anyone who plans to vote against Obama now.

For all the promises Obama made on the campaign trail in 2008, for all the visions he conjured of Congress working together and "getting America back on track", look around you now. We've had a Democratically-controlled Senate since 2007, and once Obama took the reigns of POTUS, they have not passed a budget since. The fiscal budget debt of George W. Bush's final year in office was a $162 billion. Now our typical budget deficit is over $1 trillion, as it has been for the past three years.

We have TSA employees acting as gestapo agents and our airports and other public transportation venues. If someone had said that this was what America would look like twenty years ago, they would have been laughed at, but there it is. We have school's insisting on serving our children their lunches, going so far as to seize from students lunches made buy their own parents and thrown away. In fact the government is suggesting that parents model their dinners after school lunches.

The president and his minions seem incapable of telling the truth on any subject and deflect any accusation of wrong doing as -- get this -- lies by the accusers, and our alleged "watchdog press" simply swallows it and in most cases takes the baton and runs with it. The case of the administrations' handling of Fast and Furious is a case in point. Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has been trying to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious, only to have Obama shut down the investigation by claiming Executive Privilege, and the media seems content with that. Only Univision has stayed on the story.

After nearly four years of Obama's reign, it is now "unfashionable" to have succeeded in this new version of America. We've had Occupy Wall Street to thank for that. Or perhaps the Obama regime to thank for Occupy Wall Street, but suffice it to say that if you have made it in America, you are now the enemy. Punctuated by Obama's new campaign slogan "Foreward -- a throwback to the Bolshevik Revolution -- the mantra of the left in this country is now how those "bandit billionaires" have too much and how they need to pay their fair share. Frightening stuff.

Not content with fundamentally transforming America, though, Obama has wreaked havoc around the globe through his failed foreign policy agenda. The Middle East is in flames, Israel is on the ropes, with apparently no support, and Europe is going broke. Iran is approaching nuclear capability and boasting at every opportunity how Israel will not survive, all with complete impunity and a welcome in New York at the United Nations.

And our press seems fine with all of it, still actively advocating for another four more years of this. I never thought one man could do so much damage in four years. I've been proven wrong, even with the governing constraints of a potential second term. What could Obama inflict on us without such a hindrance as reelection?  

No, I don't recognize America today. I've been fundamentally transformed enough to last a lifetime, and I want no more of it. Vote for the American in November.

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