Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Enigma That is Barack Obama

The Most Mysterious President
There's something about Barry, something that defies logic and mesmerizes multitudes. Once upon a time we had a press corps that was aptly compared to a pack of hunting dogs, or watch dogs and most recently, pit bulls. Today, they can best be summarized by the descriptive term "lap dogs".

Never before have we been witness to reporting so devoid of curiosity, so unaware of glaring realities, or so blind to truth. So eager were the people who make up our contemporary media -- relatively youthful products of our Universities -- to see a Black man ascend to the Oval Office that journalistic integrity was cast to the wind and a genuine quest for facts discarded.

Domestically, we have already paid a heavy price for not kicking the tires, instead settling on the prettiest model on the lot. Internationally, we could be speeding toward a genuine disaster. And still no one will dig for the truth and if they do, no one else will bother to hear. Our people have become so programmed to listen to the nightly news as background noise that they barely consider what they say when they either agree or disagree with a viewpoint uttered by the anchor, usually dribbling spinach down their chins.

Barack Obama has been an experiment gone horribly wrong and yet our media "watchdogs" will not let the viewers or readers know it. Once our beloved anchor declares that "there's nothing to see here, folks", any attempt by our alternative media to counter with a rebuttal is null and void, automatically deemed the ravings of lunacy. And we had such great hope for truth at the outset of the digital age.

How else could one possibly explain the miraculous second-termer that is Barack Obama? His chances for a first term were slim at best, and he somehow won, but given his dismal record in that first term, there should have been no chance this side of Shangri-La for success. And yet, here we stand today, a mere nineteen days away from his second inauguration. What have we become, America?

Since the election, I have been silent, stunned by our own collective masochism. I can't stay sequestered forever, however, and I plan on reviving this space this year. So I just want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, despite our self-inflicted wounds, and pray with you that we have indeed hit rock bottom with no place to go but up.

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sigithermawan said...

nice article...
love this blog..

SuzyCVT said...

I would also point to the NDAA as a sign-post of what I am attempting to shed light upon. Never before have the stars aligned like this for a massive incarceration of the "domestic enemy" and the "political enemy" alike.

The Constitution of the United States will not protect you as the current government is only beholden to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. Very different document. Completely different government. It is not the Republic established in 1787 that we are now dealing with.