Friday, February 1, 2013

The Genesis of Tyranny

The Obvious is Now Ignored
Those clever bastards! Eight years of the's of the world crying wolf over George W. Bush's non-existent nefarious motives served a diabolical purpose after all.

When President Bush XLIII implemented the Department of Homeland Security, the left went apoplectic, sporting posters of Bush as Hitler and drawing comparisons to Germany's own Homeland Security program. "Warrantless wiretaps" only added to the hysteria, and we were being lead to believe that Bush and VP Dick Cheney were prepared to take over the world.

These attacks were, of course, dismissed by those of us who knew better, but our own defenses against the accusations have now come back to haunt us, and it is by design, for it doesn't have to be the same boy who cries wolf once too often. Liberal organizations began sounding the false alarm early, and now they stand with the crowd shouting at the new boy to stop the charade and go about his business. Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing, that is, except the approaching wolf which is now ignored.

It was Obama who said in his first campaign for president that we couldn't rely on our military alone and that we need a "civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Today, does anyone actually know if that goal is accomplished, or how close to completion it may be? Perhaps not, but there are plenty of other signs that point to a bad ending for the American people, if they would only open their eyes and ears.

While it certainly wasn't Obama who opened our borders, he hasn't hastened to close them, either. Perhaps taking the advice of his former adviser Rahm Emmanuel -- who's credo is never let a crisis go to waste -- Obama now sees a portion of the 11 million illegal immigrants as pawns who could comprise part of his civilian army? I can't say for sure, but it's worth the speculation in light of his insistence that they be given a path to citizenship, with a possible "public service" clause as part of that path.

What are they looking for here?
We have UAV's (unmanned drones) patrolling our domestic skies now, some under the guise of "law enforcement" and some deployed as Homeland Security (DHS) efforts. With this in mind, remember that the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, recently said when questioned on the subject that he would "have to check" if President Obama had the right to kill American citizens at will on American soil. One would think the answer would be obvious, but Mueller needs to check. Does this confusion have to do with whether the issue is terrorist related, and if so, who does our Islam-loving president consider as "terrorists"? Consider that the DHS has already cautioned against "right-wing domestic terrorism".

In recent months, our government has been conducting military-style exercises in various American cities, frightening the inhabitants of those cities. Miami, Los Angeles and Houston have seen these drills, and no one was ever notified beforehand about them. Why does our government need to practice their craft in our own cities with no warning to the residents? Is it because they want to see how the people will react? Is it to desensitize the people to the presence of such activities?

Perhaps the most perplexing question is why DHS has already purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point bullets, or why they now have a requisition in for 7,000 assault weapons. As some have already asked, whom do they intend to shoot? Apparently no one, just as yet.

Tyranny works best for the tyrant who can easily line up his citizens prior to shooting them. It's less messy and safer for the tyrant and his minions. When people beginning shooting back, it's just not nearly as much fun. Here's where the Second Amendment becomes a hindrance, and our government is making no secret about its disdain for it.

With all of these events already unfolding in America, no one should need to heed the boy shouting his warnings; the wolf should be plain for all to see.

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