Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To the President and Congress: It's Pretty Simple, Folks

This is not debatable.
The terrible tragedy that was the Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut late last year seems to have been the final catalyst in a series of mass murders to push our elected officials to attempt to do something about the problem, even if doing something awful is their only recourse. What Newtown really was, however, was an excuse to ultimately achieve the previously unachievable, which has been a dream of Liberals in America since the country was founded; the disarming of our citizens.

Virtually every attempt by the elected few in this nation to take away our guns -- ostensibly for the alleged "safety" of us all -- has failed to produce the results promised by those officials. In fact, all one has to do is compare the level of violence and murder in a gun-free zone like Chicago to the serenity of a gun-laden haven such as Kennesaw, Georgia to see the folly of gun control advocates' ideology. And yet, our politicians are undeterred in their endeavors, lying to advance their agenda.

Parading around the country with a group of grieving Newtown parents, Barack Hussein Obama said on April 9 that some Republican senators were preparing to "use political stunts" to stop gun control, and that, "They're not just saying that they'll vote no on ideas that almost all Americans support." With all due respect, Mr. President, the people within arms reach of you do not constitute "almost all Americans". Harry Reid also says that 90% of Americans want gun control. The same message applies to the Senate Majority Leader.

Read the polls, boys, most people oppose Obama on guns except for background checks.
The whole point in this debacle is being lost on semantics and demagoguery, though, with reason being replaced by lofty platitudes.

Our Constitution would never have been ratified if not for the first ten amendments, otherwise known as the Bill of Rights. It was what our Founders demanded to secure ratification, and what they demanded for themselves and future generations. These rights are not up for debate, nor are they subject to the whims of 100 senators who are here but temporarily anyway.

These are our rights as American citizens, and we will never allow them to be infringed, and the handful of Republicans who threaten to filibuster the vote are not "pulling stunts", as the president says. They are protecting the rights of their constituents at large, and we appreciate it. You, Mr. President, as well as the rest of you in Congress, do not get to strip us of our rights because you believe yourselves to be above us.

So, Mr. President and Congress, pay attention, because this is really simple; your precious floor vote on gun laws is moot, and stopping it by whatever means necessary is a noble cause, not a stunt. Go Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, et al. God bless all who stand with these men and others like them. And God Bless America.

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