Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rome Begins to Burn

As Rome Burns
Many comparisons have been made of late between the United States of America and the Roman Empire, especially in terms of longevity. Our demise here in America has been predicted for decades -- whether with joy or lugubriousness -- but we have never been so close to fulfilling these predictions as we are right now.

Like our own, Rome's Senate became so corrupt and divided that they were no longer the voice of the people they were in the early days. Bribes and bickering became the norm in latter days, and the people became disenfranchised and bitter. Much like Obama has been systematically dividing America into two symbolically warring factions, Emperor Constantine divided the Empire in half.

Certain regimes in Rome debased the currency, causing crippling inflation. A coin didn't have a default value, it was based on silver, and during the reign of Claudius, a coin was represented by less than 1% silver. High taxes were also a part of Rome's ruin.

Apparently, none of the same tactics employed by Obama seem to be having the same effect on America, at least not fast enough for Captain Speed's liking. We already know how Obama wants things done with great haste. That much should be obvious to everyone who remembers the way his monumental health care bill was rammed through Congress over the objections of a majority of Americans.

ObamaCare is already showing disturbing signs of being severely detrimental to the American economy, from soaring rates, to rationed medical care, to hidden taxes no one knew about until recently, including the "medical excise tax". For those who don't know what the medical excise tax is, or think it may not affect you for years, think again. IRS Pub.510, chapter 5 reveals that this new tax is not limited to medical devices, as was billed to the public, but encompasses everything from fishing poles, to archery items, and to "gas guzzling" automobiles.

Our currency is slipping against world markets and may soon lose its status as the standard bearer in world markets, and yet our government keeps printing more worthless pieces of paper called "dollars". Inflation is currently -- and artificially -- low, but it won't stay that way forever. Our government actively advertises food stamps and welfare and strives to legalize 11 million people who came here against our laws. It's a textbook strategy devised by Cloward and Piven to destroy America from within, and half of our citizens vote for it because they can't be bothered to learn about anything beyond Kim Kardashian's babies name.

The schools in America -- run by the State -- have for decades endeavored to dumb down our youth, many of whom are now old enough to vote. We have all but destroyed this country already through an apathy to our surroundings and a desire for toys and instant gratification. To most of these people, the ways things are are the way they have always been, and attempts by patriots with memories to persuade them otherwise are met with derision.

To Obama's dismay, America has not yet buckled under all the pressure, showing a resilience even I never knew she had. Obama must feel like Apollo Creed, astounded that after sustaining a vicious beating, Rocky Balboa refused to go down.

That is a testament to America's character and strength, but must never be taken for granted. Even as we struggle to maintain our balance and avoid teetering over, it must be noted that, like a piece of parchment left too near a candle, our edges are becoming charred and could burst into flame at any time. Our only hope is to educate our children and our neighbors in the hopes of reversing the terrible state of our nation.

Now that the IRS has been outed, I expect the TEA Party and similar groups will be less encumbered in the future, and will be more active in getting the message out without fear of reprisal. We must take back our government and our country before it's too late.

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