Thursday, July 11, 2013

Second Amendment Rant

The Second Amendment Never Gets Old
A little over forty years ago on a show called All in the Family, Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor) was arguing with his television daughter, Gloria Bunker-Stivic (Sally Struthers) about gun control. Gloria asks Archie if he is aware that sixty-five percent of homicides committed in the last ten years were by handguns, to which Archie retorts, "Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was pushed out of windows?" Video can be seen here.

Now, aside from producer Norman Lear's obvious Liberal bent, the line was a good one, no matter how stupid the show tried to make Archie appear. And apparently, the left in this country still feel the same way, to which I would ask, "Would you feel better if George Zimmerman died instead of Travon Martin, by having his head crushed against the sidewalk"?

It seems that leftists like Piers Morgan and Jeff Daniels would indeed feel better so long as a gun was not involved. Daniels appeared on Morgan's show the other day, and said that a gun was responsible for the tragedy of Martin's death, and astoundingly stated that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was, to paraphrase, from a "different time". So what has changed in your opinion, Jeff?

Is our government so trustworthy today that we can toss our guns in a heap and expect that we will be protected? Protected from whom, I would ask, because our government today is more frightening than the "alleged" criminals wandering around, and they are buying billions of rounds of ammunition almost daily. Once our guns are taken away, do you, Jeff, feel like you will be protected, and by whom? The people with the power and the guns?

For anyone out there who feels secure in what their government is doing these days, I both pity and fear you, for you are the people who help facilitate the end of liberty in America and a full fledged police state just like we feared as children. The government doesn't even have our guns yet, and they are behaving like tyrants, using the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) to restrict our activities. What would happen if a citizen refused to follow the edicts of either of these bureaus?

Someone like Jeff Daniels would most likely wave a dismissive hand at these questions, with a smirk, and say something like, "Don't be silly, that ain't gonna happen in America." That's what leftists do. I won't bother with the "Guns don't kill people" or the "When guns are outlawed" memes, they are useless anyway, though no less true. But it must be noticed that the one thing, beyond honor -- which has long left our Capitol -- that has kept us free is our guns.

If they are ever taken away -- at whatever cost to our lives and our society -- we will have succumbed to the same fate as countries we have only read about in our history books, back when those books carried true history. This is what I fear for my children and grandchildren. This is what I fear from my government, a government I did not fear as a child, when things were a bit more sane, or at least seemed to be.

Forgive me for getting a little bit antsy when celebrities start spouting off about our Constitution, and blithely suggesting that this or that amendment is expired. In our world today, celebrities are the teachers of our culture, for our young pay more attention to them than they do our school teachers. If Jeff Daniels wants to give a message to our children, perhaps he should tell them not to shoot anybody unless their lives are in danger, but also to tell them that gun safety is a responsibility they should take seriously.

Not that their rights as Americans are outdated.

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