Friday, November 15, 2013

Another Day, Another Lie: The Kick the Can Caper

Kicked one too many times
From the king of "say one thing, mean another", we have a new saga before us, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama. For anyone who remembers back that far, the government shutdown in September was replete with accusations and recriminations over the Republicans' handling of the whole situation. In the argument over continuing resolutions, the President scolded Republicans for figuratively "kicking the can down the road", and demanded a clean bill to give him basically a blank check forever and ever.

So yesterday was an interesting day in Obamaland for a variety of reasons, but the most interesting was his "correction" on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare. Obama, after "learning" that millions of people were being dumped by their insurance companies, albeit to comply with Obamacare, rode in to save the day by that old can a good, swift kick.

Yesterday the King magnanimously decreed that -- never mind that the damage has already been wrought --those who have had their policies cancelled by their insurance companies will be able to "keep their plans". Um, again. Yes, Obama will allow the peasants to stay in their comfort zones...for another year. Great, so what happens when that year is up? Does the Monarch of Milk and Honey issue another decree, giving the peasants yet another stay, or does he then bring the hammer down?

In my opinion, based on his assumption that Obama will finish his second term the same way he began his first -- with full Democratic control of two branches of the government -- it will finally be the time when all pretenses are laid aside and we will see the true monster we elected, present company excluded, of course. An interesting point to ponder is what will a seasoned president do with such unfettered power, considering how he has already been damn near omnipotent despite some modicum of Republican resistance? The possibilities are frightening.

Even now, as the debate hovers ever so close to questioning Obama's unilateral rewriting of legislative laws, every politician on the Hill seems to cower at the spectre of actually calling Obama out on his unconstitutional actions. I have maintained from the beginning that the law, the ACA, that Democrats fought like hell to protect was not even the same law passed by Congress in 2010 and signed by Obama. Yet during the psuedo-filibuster by Ted Cruz, politicians on both sides of the aisle reminded the American people that the ACA was "the law of the land". Poppycock!

Now, even the President's "fix" is seen as doing more harm than good. Insurance companies were complying with the law when cancelling policies, and now must find a way to reinstate these policies. The problem is, they are finding it nearly impossible to maintain the old premiums.

Meanwhile, the President is claiming that he is not changing the law, a way to cleverly navigate the questions of legality by saying that the administration in using "enforcement discretion" as a way to do it. But this brings up yet another problem with the Constitution where Obama is concerned, and that is the matter of oath keeping.
They don't even belong here
yet they protest with impunity.

Just as with the immigration issue, where the Obama administration has not only refused to enforce immigration laws but has actually sued American law enforcement entities for enforcing them, refusing to deport captured  illegal aliens, Obama is now refusing -- for one year -- to enforce a portion of his own namesake, Obamacare. Why bother to swear in elected officials if they can arbitrarily dismiss their oaths? Do we as a people not even care anymore?

And John McCain, after blistering Ted Cruz for his principled stand, has come out and called for repeal of Obamacare, while the President attempts another good kick at the can in hopes of running out the clock until 2014. Before we lose the House of Representatives and surrender complete control to Obama, perhaps it's time to employ Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip to move the can before Obama can kick it again.

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