Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary's Latest Parapraxis

Hillary has revealed a bit more of her sinister side. In fact, the New York Daily News' Michael Goodwin had this to say:

"We have seen an X-ray of a very dark soul."
One has to wonder, with the string of people surrounding the Clintons either going to jail or meeting untimely demises, just how deep the malignancy is rooted.

Her comments about staying in the race because hey, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June, may have confused some people who might see it as being merely insensitive, but the ominousness of it gives one pause. She claims that the current malady afflicting Ted Kennedy had the family on her mind and that is why she thought of Bobby. But she said the same thing to Time Magazine nearly three months ago.

Another thing she mentioned was that her husband Bill Clinton didn't wrap up his 1992 nomination until June of that year, which is also false. Paul Tsongas was the only real challenge to Clinton at the time, and he dropped out of the race in March, leaving only Jerry Brown to beat. Clinton had already reached the half way mark in delegate count and had a 7-1 edge over Brown, so effectively, Clinton had it wrapped up well before June. In early April, after telling leaders of New York City's Jewish community that if selected he would take Jesse Jackson as a running mate, Brown won no more primaries.

Hillary can't even get her own husband's campaign history right. Lying is one of her traits, but considering staying in the race because "someone" might be assassinated is nothing short of sick. And what if no one thought of it until now? The power of suggestion is a powerful thing, which may be another unconsidered motive for her to have said it.

At this point, I would suggest that her campaign is over. I see no way even she could escape this gaffe unscathed. A Freudian slip is indeed a window to the soul. Hillary only needs a porthole.


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