Friday, June 6, 2008

The Big Iraq War Lie

Yes. I have finally decided that I can no longer live with the lie that is the Iraq War and am ready to speak out against that lie. Many people are now feeling the effects of it and are struggling in their day-to-day lives to cope. It's time to expose this lie and let the people know once and for all that they have been duped.

Many will be angry with me from this point forward, but I truly believe that the cost is worth my conscience and so will not lose too much sleep over the anger of others. Sorry. The suffering of my fellow Americans is at the hands of their very own government, and I find that fact unconscionable. How our elected officials can sleep at night with the knowledge of what their lies have inflicted upon its citizenry is something I will wrestle with until the pain finally ceases.

A barrel of oil today surpassed the mark of $138/bbl. It rose by nearly ten percent, in one day. Gas prices in the next week, if this is a sustainable record, will top $5 per gallon, without question. And yet, we have been led to believe by our elected Congresspersons that this war was a war for oil. Despite the fact that we kicked the virtual shit out of the vaunted Iraqi Republican Guard in record time and are still waging an ongoing battle with a ragtag contingient of well-armed, so-called insurgents (funded and trained by a sovereign neighbor), we have not reaped the spoils of war. Those spoils would ostensibly equate to cheaper oil for the victorious conquerors.

So one must ask this of their "public servants", as well as the willing dupes who echo the tripe emanating from the lips of those servants: If this was an evil act perpetrated on the Middle East by a crazed oil man and his cohorts for nothing more than oil...why are we being subjected to the whims of those people who control that oil to this day?

With the resources America has beneath its own soil, it would stand to reason that the "oil barons" could have exploited their own land without shedding a drop of blood, save for the occassional dropping of an irate and charging female moose or caribou, however unfortunate and even more pertinent, rare, that scenario may have been. The reason this has not happened is not because those "oil barons" didn't think of it. It's because our own elected officials care more for their coveted positions than they do for the people.

The people have been clamoring for cheaper fuel since before anyone can remember. Bureaucrats have used that demand as a leveraging tool for equally as long. Are the lies a new tactic? Probably not, but the acceptance of them as validation for a political stance is relatively new, since people seem more willing in these times to slit their own throats to promote a belief contrary to their own best interests so long as it is fed to them by a lying government.

The Iraq war was not about oil. The ideological war is, and it may well be our undoing. God bless America.


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