Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let The Propaganda Begin

Another hat-tip to Little Green Footballs. This is stunning.

There is a video recently put out - regrettably with bad html code - by MuslimTV which purportedly depicts the aftermath of an Israeli bombardment of a civilian street market in Gaza. From the description:

Submitted By: mounir1426 on
About the video: Israel just bombed a large civilian street

The video is grainy and long, but can be found here. If you skip ahead and pause the video at precisely 4:10, then compare with this photo from CBS in 2005 you will see that the images are identical, albeit from a slightly different angle.

For more proof, click this for the CBS News image from the story of September 23rd, 2005. The carnage is the direct result of a Hamas pickup truck full of rockets accidentally exploding at a Palestinian rally. Once you have the CBS image up, right click it and then click "properties". You will see this:

I wonder if the Times will report on this disgusting slight-of-hand.

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