Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Very Basic Question

By the Grace of Government?
You work hard every day, trying your best to earn a living and provide for your family. 40, 50, or 60 hours of your labor went into earning your salary, and at the end you get two days of "rest", if you're lucky, and a paycheck. So whose money do you receive at the end of the week?

If you had to pause for even a second to think about that, please stop reading right now and join the Communist Party, for you have clearly surrendered more than your earnings. You've also turned your back on your heritage as an American. While most people realize that there is a cost for the seemingly seamless services that their tax dollars buy, the line has been crossed from fees for services to confiscation with a vague promise that - if you behave - those services may be provided with conditions.

The latest debate over whether to "extend the Bush tax cuts" in Washington has been framed in a way that should anger every American. Our politicians - our alleged "public servants" - are busy arguing over how much of our money we can have, but perhaps the most chilling philosophy of the Liberals on the Hill is the arrogant idea that they cannot afford to allow us to keep what we earn.

Do these members of the ruling elite truly think that the American people will tolerate being forced to work for a government allowance, much as we did as children who were cared for by our parents? It may be a bad analogy, since our parents were actually trying to teach our young minds the value of labor for wages. But now our own government wants to continue treating us as children long after the lessons of our parents have been well learned. Though we were at the mercy of what our parents considered a fair wage for the chores they chose for us, they did let us keep all that they paid us.

Another deceitful tactic of the Left in this battle is the mislabelling of the debate, calling the extensions of the Bush-era tax cuts...another tax cut. All an extension will really do is maintain the current tax rates, which have been in place for nearly a decade. So, to be acutely accurate, what the Democrats want to do is basically raise taxes - in the middle of a terrible economy and record unemployment - on the only taxpayers who have the ability to hire workers.

People like Nancy Pelosi don't agree that raising taxes on the employers will hurt the economy. To the contrary, she believes that raising taxes on those who offer jobs will benefit those who don't have one. If you don't see that this will only increase the number of people who don't have a job - and thereby necessitate higher taxes on the job creators - then there is no hope for you.

There can be no question, however, that what the Democrats have been attempting is nothing more than a tax hike in the middle of a recession, something that any economist worth his salt would excoriate as destructive.

Again, while most people realize that in order for a massive society like ours to function, taxation is an excepted way to pay for the services we enjoy. Where the lines of ideology diverge is when we are taxed at ever increasing levels, only to learn that our money is being squandered by a bureaucratic monolith, and spent on monuments to themselves, and silly studies to learn things that will ultimately benefit no one but the recipients of the grants.

The question, then is: whose money is it, anyway? While there is a concerted effort by Liberals to force us to feel ashamed for our so-called greed in wanting to keep what we have worked for, they are simultaneously attempting to use our religious beliefs as a club, reminding us that God would want us to be generous. How ironic that they do this while ripping our holiday symbols away as we carol and donate.

Here's an idea. This Christmas, all I want is to have my country back. I really don't think that is too much to ask, just as is the simple principle of deciding how best to spend and donate that which I have earned. (Here's the hidden answer. It will come in handy on the test. It's my money!)

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Edisto Joe said...

Isn't it amazing how Obama is now saying that by extending the Bush tax cuts it will help boost the economy and help create jobs? Why just back in October it was the opposite.

In order to pay for all their wasteful spending we the people must kick in more. It is absurd to listen to them talk about ones hard earned money as if it is theirs. What is even more absurd is when the say without it the deficit will rise. Never once do they think about cutting back.

Woody said...

Why do we understand this so clearly, EJ, while there are still so many that don't? There is way too much rhetoric from the Left about how government can't "afford" these tax cuts, and how the Estate tax compromise was "too generous".

Oh, so the government, by not taking as much of our private property as they would like, is being generous??

Well, thank you for allowing us to exist, Oh Governing Lords!

Greg said...

I agree with your point that the money we earn is our own, rich or poor, whether the wealth that we obtain is through hard work or luck.

The government does waste too much money and their expenditures cut drastically, including ending corporate and banking bailouts.

Everyone should pay their fair share, even corporations.

Corporations and banks were bailed out by us the American people, profits are up, but the hiring has returned.

I'm not a liberal but neither party is working on the side of the common working stiff anymore.

Did like your article, and agreed with most of it, but don't believe that taxes have anything to do with corporations decisions to not hire, it is greed.