Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Empire in Peril

Destiny Once Unimaginable In America
The rumblings surround us, yet we glance not at the sound. The foundation trembles, and we continue in our myopic pursuits. The walls crumble around us while we continue, unperturbed, in our daily quests. It seems that our sense of casual observation of the obvious has betrayed us, dulled by our reliance on the television bobble heads who tell us of what to beware.

Perhaps worse is the fact that we do have sentries that sound the alarm daily, but are heeded by only a few; those who have not yet been seduced by the siren song of the complicit media personalities. Most of the rest, it seems, are oblivious to the creaking timbers warning that the house is about to collapse. And then there is the small percentage who hear the creaks but loudly and deliberately mask the sound, privately and jubilantly awaiting the resultant rubble.

For the past two centuries, the world has unquestionably benefited from a strong and benevolent United States of America, a nation that could have greedily consumed land and ruled in a most cruel fashion. It did not, instead expending fortunes and blood across the globe in order that people could remain free from tyranny. Yet still, there have been bad players across that span of time who viewed this nation as a serious impediment to their nefarious intentions, the roadblock to their own conquests.

They were never able, however, to match our military might and to mount any serious challenge to our supremacy. So they stewed in their hatred and fomented the loathing of their own subjects. In the late 1970's, they had an unsuspecting ally in Jimmy Carter, whose ineptitude and obsequiousness was nearly our undoing. Thankfully, Carter was replaced by a real leader after only one nearly tragic term.

The Beast on the Wing
Now, however, the enemies of freedom have a new ally in the White House, one who is not nearly the innocent pawn that Carter was. In 2009, I wrote The Beast on the Wing, in which I laid out the damage Barack Obama was inflicting on America. In the subsequent year and a half, it has not only gotten worse, it has gotten much more flagrant. It seems that everything the man does is designed to further weaken our position of strength, and to dim the hope on which he ran. The change is still coming at dizzying speeds, however.

Our unemployment remains absurdly high and our economy teeters on the brink of collapse, yet Obama continues to ramp up the spending on credit. The deficits are spiraling out of control and still he borrows ever faster. Our dependence on foreign oil has not diminished one iota due to his Environmental Protection Agency agenda which prohibits the drilling of our own oil resources while OPEC prices continue to rise. His health care reform, which he touts as better for the people, is apparently not so great for his friends, who keep getting waivers from participation in such a great system.

Travel within our country has gotten so restrictive through the TSA that many choose not to fly. Rather than use profiling and risk "offending" some groups, Obama and the DHS prefer to offend everyone. And while trying to get to Grandma's house a few states away has become a hindrance to many, getting here illegally from Mexico is a breeze. Our southern border is becoming a nightmare.

Obama has also blocked the construction of new power plants across the country, so now we have rolling blackouts amid record cold conditions. When the United States has to "borrow" energy from Mexico, something is seriously wrong.

Obama's foreign policy is one seemingly designed to dismantle everything his predecessors have built. He treats long time allies such as Israel and Great Britain like enemies and embraces Socialist and Muslim dictators. Hugo Chavez is considered a "friend" to this administration while Benjamin Netanyahu is not only snubbed but scolded. I assert that part of the unrest in Egypt is a result of Obama's past words and deeds.

The recent Wikileaks report should be enough evidence that this Administration is cozy with adversaries and dangerous to friends. The report claims that the Obama administration has agreed to tell Russia the nuclear secrets of the UK in order to secure an agreement on START. It seems that we spied on a staunch ally to curry favor with a former enemy.

Through all of this, our alleged watchdog media has remained silent on the transgressions of Obama and his administration, reporting on inane celebrity stories while ignoring the travesty happening to our country. When the DHS is trumpeting the shutdown of sports betting websites while citizens die at the Southern border at the hands of another country, we have a problem, Houston.

It is a testament to the strength of our Union that it has not already come crumbling down. It has never been asked to withstand such an assault before, and I am proud of its endurance, even as I fear the question of how much more it can take. I pray that we can hang on for another two years.

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Edisto Joe said...

You managed very well to put into perspective everything that is clogging my mind today. Oil, prices at the pump rising and no media outrage. Egypt being thrown under the bus and very possibly into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood,(shades of Carter/Iran). And our other ally, Israel left hanging in the wind, with no assurances that we will protect her interests. The signs coming from the White House are confusing not only to our allies but to Americans as well. They have no clear course and you are correct that "peril" is looming.

Woody said...

I think this is why we do this, EJ. If we can pool our thoughts and help one another navigate the muck through which we traverse these days, I find it to be all the gratification I need.

Thank you for being there, and thank you for writing as you do, as well. There are times when we feel futile, and others where we do make a difference.

A grain of sand is the building block to a brick. 'Nuff said, my friend.

Donie Alegre said...

Hi.. I just finished reading your article.....

Well, it's a good article.

You did very well in sharing your thoughts about that issue.

I like it and I do hope that I will be able to learn with your article..

Thanks for a great piece....


Anonymous said...

I agree with EJ, whereas those who rely too much on the prices of oil, technology etc. may ultimately find themselves at a dead end..