Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get the Story Straight!

AGW Now Means More Snow?
As we all struggle to keep our heads above snow, we're being warned not to question global warming. Why? Because we're also being told that we've been told repeatedly how global warming  climate change causes more snow.

Every time an Al Gore AGW (anthropogenic global warming) gets snowed out, a little more of the issue's credibility wanes. What to do? Simple, just reverse course and blame the object of your endeavors for making you look foolish.

In other words, when people mockingly laugh at such events being cancelled due to snow, look them right in the eye and say, "Of course! This is exactly what the scientists have been warning us about!" It's tragically amusing that people like Gore still don't get the whole "audio and video record" thing...

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1 comment:

Edisto Joe said...

It's a wondrous thing to watch these people along with the scientific community contradict themselves year after year on what now is simply referred to as "climate change" in order to cover their ass on all bases. These guys could bring alchemy back into the main stream of scientific endeavor.