Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sixteen Years of Cainsian Economics

The Antithesis to John M. Keynes
 The more I learn about Herman Cain, the more I love his history and policy, and while I would love to see him take the reins of leadership in America, I'm still not convinced that he'd garner enough of the vote. It's not because I doubt his appeal or ability, but because I doubt the fortitude of my fellow citizens behind the secrecy of the voting booth.

There are still some who wouldn't vote for the man if he had a patented, copyrighted cure for America's ills posted online. That is sad, but not enough to preclude him from winning the Big Chair. No, that obstacle would be placed by well-meaning people who are not concerned about Herman's color, but rather about the potential of wasting their votes on someone who historically has little chance of winning with virtually no prior political experience.

Considering that only four U.S. Presidents have ever been elected directly from the Senate with no demonstrated executive track records, the idea of a virtual outsider winning the White House seems less likely than porcine aviators. While Herman Cain certainly has demonstrated an economic acumen , his is an expertise in dealing with a board of directors rather than two houses of Congress. This could have a severe potential to reduce his electoral viability.

Thumbs Up to a Perry Run
There is news just breaking, however, that could portend to be the vehicle to get Cain his insider credentials even while he helps to turn this giant fiscal ship away from the waterfall. Real Clear Politics is reporting that Texas Governor Rick Perry may be inching toward the 2012 race. For Perry's part -- and that of his inner circle -- the report "comes as a surprise" as they all deny any plans for the Governor to toss his hat in the ring.

This exercise is, therefore, mere wishful thinking and speculation, a great big "what if". So let's examine the possibilities...indeed, what if?

Rick Perry succeeded George W. Bush as Governor of Texas and has been a strong leader of that state ever since, having become the first ever to win three consecutive four-year terms. Perry's platform, in a nutshell, is one of a strong defense (especially on the border), fiscal restraint and personal liberty. Critics will complain that he's espoused some conflicting positions, but I would challenge them to produce a single candidate who has not at some point in his or her career.

If Perry actually decides to run for President, based on what we already know, he would be nearly invulnerable in the primaries, although it is still much too early to determine since the field is as yet unformed. What of his chances in the general election, though? That may be a much taller order to fill, and one that could possibly be bolstered by a running mate such as Herman Cain.

Herman Cain, like Governor Perry, has a tremendous following among the Tea Party, and as such is considering his own run at Pennsylvania Avenue but, as noted above, he faces a steep uphill battle. What if Cain was tapped as a running mate, however, by Rick Perry should the latter win the nomination? The two together would prove to be a most formidable duo against Obama in the general election regardless of who Obama settles on for a running mate (assuming that Joe Biden will be replaced at some point).

If a Perry/Cain administration could extricate the nation from the maelstrom its now swirling in, it is not inconceivable that Cain would enjoy eight years of first-hand experience in the White House. And if given a prominent role in shaping the fiscal policies of a President Perry, could ultimately end up being the first black president to actually help America. That would not only be a welcome respite from the misery we have endured of late, but would repair the damage wreaked by Obama to future candidates of color.

Here's hoping that the old axiom -- "where there's smoke, there's fire" -- is true, and that Perry is seriously considering a run. If that does happen, it would be incumbent upon us to strongly suggest Herman Cain as a running mate.

Keep your fingers crossed, America.

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Edisto Joe said...

That is possibly the best duo I have heard of to date concerning the 2012 election. The border issue is going to heavily weigh in on the campaign trail along with the economy. The Tea Party needs a reason to vote for another Republican and Independents are looking for sound, responsible governance. Perry and Cain can supply all of that and more. Count me in if it happens.

Woody said...

A politically astute friend criticized my scenario because Cain would be "too old" after a two-term Perry. I thought about that, and assuming the qualifier, Cain would be 74 when he decided to run as the top of the ticket.

McCain was 72 when he won the party nomination, so I maintain that Cain would still be very viable at the same age, and with a packed resume.

It is a tantalizing prospect, though, is it not?

Lilola said...

If I had won the presidency in the last election, my plan was to have Herman Cain and Clark Howard review every line in the budget and crack down!
I love the idea of a Perry/Cain ticket.