Friday, September 16, 2011

The First Casualty of the Arab Spring

Ousted by Obama?
We've been told from the beginning of the campaign and every day since his election that Barack Hussein Obama is a brilliant man, perhaps the smartest to occupy the White House in the nations history. Many people believed the hype in part due to the eloquence of the way he read speeches from teleprompters, which allowed for the appearance of extemporaneous speaking.

With transparent screens -- the only transparent aspect of this administration thus far -- the teleprompters allow even live audiences to see his face, and long camera shots seem to miss the darned things. Without ever having to glance down to keep his place with notes, Obama's head swings from side to side -- catching his script effortlessly -- as he delivers heart-racing speeches that make his adoring masses swoon.

With all of that being said, however, I am now more convinced than ever of the man's utter brilliance, however sinister that brilliance may be. No one could have inflicted the damage on such a strong nation that Obama has -- and in such record time -- through simple ineptitude. No one could have accelerated the chaos we see around the globe so masterfully as he without either a keen understanding of the major culprits involved, or without their explicit anticipation.

Many will read what is about to follow and simply roll their eyes and click out of the site. That is exactly the reaction that has allowed Barack Hussein to come as far as he's come, and one I fully expect to continue. If one percent of people continue to read, however, and let the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, I will have done my job.

Briefly, his past was somewhat fuzzy as he rapidly advanced toward the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, and those who threw up the flags were ignored. The reason for this was the fact that it looked like America really had a shot at finally electing a Black president, and no one wanted to see that opportunity slip by. (Never mind the obvious racism involved in such a mindset, none of them would ever accept such a notion even if water boarded).

But someone was trying to sound the alarm in 2008, someone who was shooed away and brushed aside. His name is John Drew, and he was a classmate of Barack Obama's at Occidental College. He tried to warn anyone who would listen that Obama was a thoroughly dangerous man, as Charlie Daniels might say. The problem was that no one wanted to hear it; not even our own right-wing watchdogs. What Drew was saying seemed too fantastical to be taken seriously, despite his having been at the college with a young, Marxist Barack. 

By the way, John Drew -- by his own admission -- was himself a "leader of the Marxist students at Occidental". 

The people with whom Obama subsequently associated have been well documented, enjoying the same reception as that of John Drew's story. But the president has gone on to establish his own, very public track record, and one that -- if anyone cared to connect the dots -- points to an extremely nefarious agenda. When his treatment of Israel is considered, the dots appear.

After a series of damning encounters with the Israeli state and its head, Benjamin Netanyahu, it became evident that Obama was no fan of Israel. The community organizer extraordinaire, however, did recognize a perfect venue to further endanger the tiny democracy in the Middle East, and he would ironically use the guise of democracy in Egypt to remove one of the biggest barriers of security for the Jewish people.

Hosni Mubarak may have been a dictator, but he was far from the level of Saddam Hussein in terms of brutality. Mubarak kept order in Egypt and maintained its Northern border with Israel, giving that country a bit of breathing room over the past thirty years that allowed it to counter the relentless attacks from the East and the West (Gaza and the Golan Heights). Egypt was stable and tranquil, and posed no threat to Israel.

So Obama chose Cairo for his first international address abroad.

Not long after Obama signaled the Muslim world that he was with them, Egypt erupted into the dawn of the "Arab Spring", which spawned similar revolts in Yemen and Syria and Libya. These were preceded, however, by an unrelated and impromptu uprising by the people of Iran. The Iranian people were brutally suppressed in that incident with nary a peep of condemnation from the Obama regime. Nor did Obama object to the reactions of the Yemeni or Syrian governments.

He was quick to demand the resignation of Mubarak in Egypt, though, as he now bombs Moammar Ghadaffi in Libya. I would posit that Yemen and Syria were ignored as was Iran because they are already a significant threat to,  and bold enemies of,  Israel while Egypt and Libya were not. Perhaps in Obama's mind, these relatively benign states needed some inspiration. And that inspiration came in the clear demonstration that Obama shared their Muslim populations' disdain for Israel and that he would aid in the ascension of the "rebels" in these states that they may gain sufficient power to amass another front against Israel.

At the same time, Obama works feverishly here in America to weaken the very foundation of our nation while "organizing" a massive rebellious force, using labor unions and their sympathizers, and placing figurative bees in the bonnets of ordinary working, middle class Americans. One may speculate that he seeks an "Anglo Autumn" to complement the Arab version, making a sort of  perfect storm.

It all sounds ominous and portends a bad ending for America. Then again, that's what warnings are all about, and that's what this is; a warning. A wake-up call, if you will. For while my declaration of Obama's diabolical genius stands, such characters usually fail because of a fatal miscalculation of their enemies determination and capabilities. And equally of their collective gullibility.

Many of our fellow citizens have discovered that they've been hoodwinked, many more believe that they have been betrayed. Both groups are correct, and will join the ranks -- albeit reluctantly -- of the true American patriots in the portions of the country considered "fly-over country" by the elites so destined to fail.

Even if they don't, the patriots have always had sufficient numbers to thwart any attempt to hijack America. They've just been asleep for a very long time. The problem with an agenda such as Obama's is that it requires a lot of construction and, therefore, makes a lot of noise.

That will always awaken the sleeping giant. 

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