Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who Would Herman Cain Pick?

Dream Team

That may well turn out to be the biggest question leading to the nomination of Herman Cain, a back-to-back offering of Black candidates. Got a problem with that? Too bad, it may be reality on the horizon, so I would beseech any White Supremacist readers to reconsider your views.

Herman Cain is gaining momentum and could set a record as an American first; no, not the first Black president, but the first of any color to attain the Oval Office with virtually no political experience. Can't happen, you say? Uh-huh, I used to believe the same thing, but hasn't Barack Hussein Obama come through on at least one promise, that being "change"?

Yes, I would tip my hat in that regard.

Obama was only the third U.S. Senator to win a general election for President of the United States directly from the Senate, sharing that distinction with John F. Kennedy and Warren G. Harding. Good company, but such that would now be recoiling in horror at what their new inductee hath wrought. However, Obama has achieved that which the others never considered; opening the field for the best candidate over the established crop, and our nation is once again ready to cast off old customs in the spirit of desperation.

Would it require desperation to elect a man like Herman Cain? In a purely political sense, I would say yes, but I believe that the electorate has had its fill of the unknown, trusting that Obama was a new ray of hope even as they have seen those hopes dashed by the machinations of a master manipulator. Obama made promises to deliver goods to which he held no title.

Herman Cain, on the other hand, is making lofty promises as well, but ones that bear no similar traits as the gossamer vows offered by Obama. Cain is holding out as candy the opportunity that all Americans have come to expect, sans the alleged guarantees that Obama pledged. If any further explanation is required on that topic, I'm afraid that you, the reader, simply can't understand.

Suffice it to say that Herman Cain may be the only member of the current crop of candidates who actually comprehends the desires of ordinary Americans, no matter what color he may be. No one that I know is asking for anything other than to be left to their own devices with as little government interference as possible. They want to be able to succeed or fail at their own discretion. Is that so bad?

Which brings us to the title question: "Who would Herman Cain pick?", as in, a running mate. Should Cain win the nomination, it would be on the whims of the electorate closely aligned with the same philosophy while the entire middle of the spectrum would be skeptical of a political neophyte in the Oval Office. (Again, that's already been tried, with disastrous results).

But what if a second attempt was all that remained available to an electorate ready to explode? Would our neighbors shun a new path simply because its direction was unclear, despite the end they see rapidly approaching downstream? For instance, let's suppose that Herman Cain was standing at the bow begging for an oar; would we be reluctant to deliver it to him and accept a rocky fate out of uncertainty?

I would be happy with Herman Cain at the helm, and if it meant someone like Newt Gingrich reading the charts, great! The Captain makes the ultimate decision but often relies on the expertise of his navigator. No better man is there than Gingrich, a seasoned House negotiator and himself an eloquent speaker, pardon the pun.

If Cain could set the course and have Newt available to avoid the anomalies therein, who could ask for anything more? While there is little doubt that our local "news" stations or papers would do their utmost to convince us otherwise, I'm committed to the fact that most of us have moved beyond the daily feeding cycle of those sources in determining our futures.

For the first time in my life, I am beginning to believe that we may actually have the chance to elect the best person to lead us, regardless of political pedigree. If Herman Cain can maintain his current stature in the polls and ultimately win the nomination, America would be faced with a 2012 choice between Obama or Cain. The irony is too delicious, and on so many levels.

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