Friday, October 26, 2012

Puzzle Pieces Falling Into Place

Americans deserve better. Our Military deserves better.  We need to demand better.

Sometimes you have to just sit back, and wait for the puzzle piece to fit. Well, today a whole lot more puzzle pieces are fitting, and it is not looking too good for Obama....

Backtrack with me if you will, to the 3rd and final presidential debate. Remember how many  of us were shocked that Romney didn't try to slam Obama again on Libya?  Now, with the breaking news today, of Obama, Biden, and Panetta, all being in white house, in the situation room...watching in real time, as help from Libya is requested and denied 3 of course raises the question of why, and what must they be trying to run from, or hide. (and also please remember, Biden, in the vp debate having the audacity to say he and Obama didn't know they had requested help) But, remember now.....Romney now gets daily intelligence reports, and before that 3rd debate, he most probably already knew this. So, rather than give Obama a nationally televised platform to try to make another big flap of a lie, Romney made the correct decision to back off from the story, and let it play out to congress, and to us, via the media. Thankfully, it is playing out now, rather than after the election.

As if the economy wasn't enough to bring Obama down, this should seal the deal. He is done. He is no leader, and he and his ilk don't give a flip about those our nation sends into harm's way. Obama has to go.
Thankfully, we only have 10 days to make that official.

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