Friday, May 17, 2013

The Answer Must Be Treason

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For as tantalizing as the latest Obama-IRS scandal is to your garden variety political junkie -- of which I am one -- one must question why an administration would suddenly release such a damning story. What is it that could compel an administration to invite such a hell-storm upon itself, which might stall any possible political progress for months or more, at this time? Perhaps in the hopes that it will also stall any judicial progress, as well.

Obama's new term is only months old, and yet he is fighting for his political life. Between the AP revelations that the Department of Justice tapped the phone records of 20 lines at the AP building, and the damning news that the IRS was targeting Conservative groups during an election year, it is easy to understand how anyone could quickly forget about...Benghazi!

Oh yeah, remember Benghazi? That messy affair where four Americans died, including a U.S. Ambassador, and on sovereign U.S. territory? The Congressional questioning and the resulting answers were getting quite hot and heavy, nearly sucking the mainstream media into the fray. And then wham! Two less equally damning but no less insignificant stories hit the front pages.

Call me cynical, folks, but this is almost a classic case of feeding the beast in hopes of being eaten last, which begs the question; how close were we getting to the real truth on Benghazi? How close were the members of Congress to discovering justification for heads to roll? The answer is chillingly clear, at least to me.

Ambassador Stevens?
The possibility of being charged with treason might make a President begin releasing anything and everything to throw off the scent, even if the other stories are nearly as damaging to an administration albeit punishable to a much lesser degree. The strategy seems to be working for now, as the coverage on the Benghazi hearings seems all but non-existent. And if political junkies have a hard time finding coverage, the low-information voter will have virtually forgotten about Benghazi already.

The real question remains, however; how long can Obama, et al, escape the consequences of their awful performance -- nay, their negligence and malfeasance -- during the Libyan attacks of September 11, 2012? And will our Congress relent under the absence of interest by the American people and simply abandon the search for truth on this matter?

Most of my friends -- also politically plugged-in types -- will not forget about Benghazi, no matter how the other two current scandals play out. To the apparently uninterested out there, I have this bit of outrage to offer you: remember that the hearings on Benghazi had progressed far enough to discover that the alleged video demonstration-turned-all out assault on our Consulate in Libya was a lie, and that Obama and his cohorts knew this from the start.

Also remember that knowing this, Obama went to sleep while the four Americans were dying in Libya, and left on a campaign trip to Las Vegas the next morning, having to know that Stevens was dead. And that he lied for weeks thereafter about a phantom protest over a video that his own people on the ground in Libya said played no part in the attack.

There were two separate stand down orders given to special ops in Tripoli ready to board a C-130 and fly to Benghazi to help those under attack, and the two dead SEALS who were in a nearby CIA safehouse -- Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty -- were denied permission to join the fight. They defied orders and fought valiantly until dead, all the while hoping that help would arrive. It never did, because no one gave the order to send it.

Obama and his handlers have basically said, "Hey! Look over there, the IRS!" to hopefully delay consequences over the Benghazi tragedy, which they caused. The timing suggests it, and I believe it. Obama sees the handwriting on the wall, and is trying furiously to erase it.

We can only hope that the AP and IRS scandals play a part in bringing justice to members of Obama's administration, but that we also do not lose focus on uncovering the truth of the heinous actions of a Commander in Chief so inept at best, or so sinister at worst. Treason is a serious charge for anyone, but none so much as the President of the United States, but if the cookies crumbs lead us in that direction and to the conclusion that they must, the IRS story will appear meaningless by comparison.

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