Saturday, May 25, 2013

Right Up in Your Grille

A Method to the Madness
In the movie Hunt for Red October, there was a famous scene in which Captain Ramius (Sean Connery), shocked his crew by turning into the path of a torpedo fired from a Soviet submarine. The horrified crew thought that Ramius -- who was thought by this time to be deranged and suicidal -- meant to end his life along with the rest of the members of the Red October.  Ramius knew that the Soviet commanders used a timing device on torpedo warheads, and thus knew that by closing the distance instead of attempting to flee meant that the torpedo would bounce harmlessly off the hull before it could arm itself.

It was a brilliant tactic, and one I have thought of recently considering the machinations of the Obama regime in light of the spate of scandals besieging it. But then I thought that the analogy was a bit off kilter since Ramius was a Capitalist raised in a Marxist world and Obama is a Marxist raised in a Capitalist world. And then the philosophy of political Ju Jitso kicked in, and I realized that Obama is not nearly as out of the loop as he would have us believe. Brilliant tactics emanate from this administration, and whether they are the brain trusts of Obama himself or the works of those close to him, the fact remains that we are all being played for fools.

The IRS scandal came to light because the IRS itself leaked a planted question designed to bring it all out in the open. The media dutifully plastered the emerging scandal all over it's duly outraged pages, and then quickly moved to dismiss the story as old news, thinking it had placated the majority of casual news consumers. It was not a bad calculation, since most people have already moved beyond the stories significance in favor of the latest Justin Bieber news.

All of this was cleverly designed to deflect the increasing scrutiny bestowed on the Benghazi hearings toward a scandal much more easily manageable. Who is discussing Benghazi now? And just in case Congress decides to ramp up that particular conversation again,  Obama has just turned into the torpedo by promoting Victoria Nuland to assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.

Nuland played a major role in the editing of the official Benghazi talking points in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2012 attacks on an American consulate that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead. She expressed concern over the mention of terrorists -- particularly the mention of al Qaida operatives -- in the final report to be presented to the public.

Like Ramius, Obama knows that the tactic of turning into the torpedo will only work once. The opposition will quickly recalculate and attack again, this time with a better chance at success. He got lucky in the Senate, though...he's got Republican allies who will add credibility to this promotion.

RINOs McCain and Graham
Non-wacko birds John McCain and Lindsay Graham -- both Republicans -- have endorsed the promotion of Nuland. These two turncoats have also endorsed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's attempts to raise the debt ceiling on a 50 percent vote, knowing that the Democrat controlled Senate can shed five members in the vote and still win.

And now I shall risk an IRS audit by saying plainly that it is time for the TEA Party to get back in the game. It is time for true patriots to rally behind and defend our Constitution. Our government is not only defying the will of its people, they are doing it in bold fashion, or as the vernacular goes, "getting up in our grilles". 2014 is just around the corner, perhaps jostling with the tyranny that resides there. It's time we forget the level of allure of a particular candidate, and start throwing the relics who have ruined our country out of their comfortable chairs in Congress.

Reset the torpedoes, boys.

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