Thursday, February 20, 2014

At What Point Are the Signs Clear?

Will this be our fate in the end?
Please don't share this because the last thing this ol' boy needs is a viral article and a stint in the local gulag FEMA Camp. Please do spread it by whatever means you may figure out, but I doubt it will matter much anyway because more and more Americans have stopped listening.

It's a doubled-edged sword, this new world Americans find themselves in, one where our eventual dictator becomes ever emboldened and our citizens clutch their hands over their ears more tightly with each passing day. So accustomed to the American way of life have we become that we no longer recognize the clear and present danger to our Republic. Or perhaps we do but can't process the approaching horror.

Why is it that we can read the news from, say, Venezuela and see the signs of tyranny developing, but we are blind to the machinations of our own government? Do we really believe, after a mere 237 years, that it can't happen here? Have we become so complacent that our Founders' words have lost all meaning?

We have been slowly conditioned to accept the barely perceptible erosion's of our freedoms, so much so that many of us have actually defended them, sort of like an epidemic of the Stockholm Syndrome. We have put so much blind trust in our "elected leaders" that we can't quite accept that they would betray us, despite the steady march to tyranny we see -- albeit in such incremental steps -- everyday, and either can't or don't take the time out of our busy days to recognize that it is happening, and quite blatantly.

Barack Hussein Obama told us point blank in 2008 that he was going to radically transform the United States of America. Did you all doubt him? Because he has done exactly that, though perhaps not as the 71% of regretful voters had envisioned. But...he did tell us, and we didn't listen closely enough.

The Black Panther voter intimidation case in Philadelphia being thrown out by Attorney General Eric Holder in 2009 should have been a clue, but it meant nothing to the electorate, save for a few who were paying attention. Then there was Fast and Furious, the gun running scam to Mexican drug cartels, which also got swept under the rug. These were test runs to see how far the Obama Regime could get, and the results were better than expected...for Obama and his cronies.

So, now they ratchet up the ludicrous, buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, hollow point bullets, mind you, which are a waste of money if used as they contend; for "target practice". Our media has no interest, and neither should you, dear peon, move along. Armored vehicles for local municipalities are also nothing for you to be concerned with. You want to feel safe in your little burg, no? Well, now Podunk, USA has them.

Military exercises in rural areas of the U.S. have also become commonplace, and the American people quickly adapt to their presence, feeling secure that their military is prepared for them danged terrorists! But the other angle that is obvious only to the informed is that them danged terrorists are we, the people, and our military is preparing to fight America.

Our so-called president is bankrupting our country at a break-neck pace, and he is ruling more and more by fiat, unperturbed by the "free" press or the opposition party, who have all -- save for a few brave souls -- collectively ceded their Constitutional authority over to the Executive Branch.

And now we learn that the FCC will be invading and monitoring newsrooms across the nation in an attempt to either cow an already compliant media or to seal the deal on its collective collusion with the Regime. In light of my final point, who will report on this encroachment? Certainly not a media already in bed with the Regime and who will experience a weird form of date rape as a reward.

So my question to you, America, is when will you have seen enough to convince you that we are sliding down to the bottom of the proverbial slippery slope? When will the thud of realization clap your multitudinous noggins, bringing the revelation that you have been duped?

I pray it is long before you are greeted by the rest of us as you enter FEMA Camp #309.

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PerhapsBruceWayne said...

Oh no! The military is performing exercises in rural areas! The signs are clear! They're preparing to enslave us for the banks/communists/jews/lizard people!

I really can't help but to snicker when someone brings up FEMA camps and attempts to allude to some tyrannical conspiracy. I'm interested to know, what exactly do you think is the end goal of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's master plan? Do you think the government is actively preparing to imprison millions for some unknown goal?

It's weird really. I've heard the same mantra for over a decade, yet for some reason I'm still able to practice free speech, religion, business, etc.. PRISM is something to be pissed about and has ran through now two administrations. Ironically enough, the Tea Party seems more upset about gay marriage becoming legalized than electronic activities being monitored and recorded.

Yeah, the media is shitty. Sensible people are aware of this and generally ignore most stories. It just so happens there's less sensible people than dumb people and they want to hear if Justin Bieber is going to jail. Hopefully you can accept that's the state of our society and it's not the fluoride in the water from the Illuminati.

Daniel Wood said...

Well Bruce, you make a classic error in your assessment of the TEA Party. Show me where the TEA Party has expressed being upset about gay marriage? The Liberal media is upset about those who do not agree with gay marriage, but no one I know from the TEA Party has actively lobbied against it.

As for the jist of the article, yes, I do think this regime is planning to commit to mass arrests. How can you not see the signs? I suppose if you had landed in Nazi Germany in the 1930's, you would have assumed that "all the skinny Jews" on trains were being herded to a local cafeteria for some nourishment?

Between the massive ammunition purchases and the militarizing of police departments all over the country, (not to mention the drills in local towns and the "fake town" in Virginia)it's hard to imagine what else could be happening.

Perhaps you can enlighten me?

PerhapsBruceWayne said...

Strange, I responded yesterday but it doesn't seem to have been posted. Guess I'll try again:

So you're saying one of the goals of the TEA party isn't to prevent gay marriage? Someone should definitely tell that to several of the TEA party candidates and sects across the country -- Typing in "Tea Party Gay Marriage" yield quite a few results from three minutes of searching.

But I digress. I'm not justifying the purchasing of ammo and militarization of police departments. Isn't it more plausible that these agencies are able to receive ammo in bulk prices and military grade equipment left over from the Iraq war instead of some mass conspiracy of Hitler 2.0? I find it really hard to converse with anyone that parallels a politician they don't like to Hitler. Your premise that the Obama administration is actively attempting to prepare for holding people in death camps is unfounded. The only 'evidence' you have for this is several agencies purchasing equipment. The resources required for something like this would take a tremendous military action. Obama can't even roll out a healthcare website. What makes you think he would be anymore competent in the biggest and most complex grab for power ever?

Honestly, I've been hearing this for over a decade now and I'm getting tired of being told the sky is falling when the evidence is laughable. I want you to explain to me what you think the end game would be of seizing our country? Do you think Obama wants to sit on a throne of melted guns of his enemies and rule on the iron throne as king of Communist States of America?