Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Cornered, Wounded Wolverine

A Cornered, Wounded WolverineFebruary 23rd, 2008

Those who have known about Hillary Clinton’s proclivity for extreme vitriol all along should not be surprised in the least at her latest salvos launched at Barack Obama. I’m certain that Dick Morris could have predicted this long ago, but Hillary is pulling out almost all the stops in her effort to seize control of America.

Her rhetoric today belies an obvious envy of perhaps the only person ever to “out-politick” her and her husband: Karl Rove. Certainly though, she is capable of much worse than Rove could ever dream. She has boundaries to live within as a candidate, where Rove had none. Rove never had to debate on national television and didn’t have to personally win over the voting public. The life of a behind-the-scenes campaigner is so much sweeter. But neither Clinton would ever acquiesce that much control to anyone but themselves. Just ask Morris.

So, trailing badly going into Texas and Ohio, bruised and bloody, Hillary has been forced to take the reigns personally and it will not help. She is not capable of projecting a congenial persona, and the absence of such in the candidate herself will only serve to further alienate voters. Obama got this far on charisma…Hillary’s further rejection of what little she had will be akin to tossing gasoline on a fire.

In this article today, she has effectively “dropped the gloves”, a hockey term for getting ready to fight for real. In the article, she says, “Enough with the speeches and the big rallies and then using tactics that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook.”

Huh? She is going to make a feeble attempt at claiming the high road even as she prepares to descend to whatever level necessary to win this nomination. I truly must marvel at her chutzpah, and I also have to wonder how many people will follow her. Surely her hardcore believers will be there but then again, none of this effort would be needed on them anyway. All this speaks of is obvious desperation.

The old adage is, “Never corner a wounded animal”. The advice is sound, because the wounded animal will do anything to survive. Sometimes, though, they just get snuffed out by a superior being.

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