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More Subterfuge…
People have a propensity to believe not so much what they hear, but what they see, which is understandable to a degree. When you combine a lie with visual proof which appears to validate the lie, it becomes child’s play to convince people of pretty much anything you desire them to believe.

Now add to the mix deliberate omissions of fact or distortions of the facts, and it becomes even easier.
First case in point.

This is a picture that was widely circulated to bolster Al Gore’s hysterical claims that man is destroying the planet. It clearly shows a pair of polar bears sitting on top of some melting ice. We were led to believe that they were stranded there and once the ice melted away, the bears subsequently drowned.

UK’s “The Daily Mail” was one outlet that circulated this photo with a heart-wrenching caption:

They cling precariously to the top of what is left of the ice floe,
their fragile grip the perfect symbol of the tragedy of global warming.
The only problem is, as the photographer, Amanda Byrd points out is this; the bears were not stranded. They were not far from shore and could easily have swam back safely. Additionally, the photograph was taken in August on the fringes of the Arctic ice cap. Denis Simard Of Environment Canada summed it up best:

You have to keep in mind that the bears are not in danger at all. This is a
perfect picture for climate change…you have the impression they are in the
middle of the ocean and they are going to die…But they were not that far from
the coast, and it was possible for them to swim…They are still alive and having

We also hear about the Larsen Ice Shelf in the Antarctic collapsing. There have been famous photos of this phenomenon all over the place, too.

What this picture does, along with the shrill rhetoric which usually accompanies it, is give the impression that your SUV’s are melting Antarctica. Nothing could be farther from the truth. “How can that be?” you may ask. “The proof is there for all to see!”

Aha, that’s just how it’s supposed to work. The fact is that much of the main land mass of Antarctica is gaining ice, something the satellite photos are unable to detect because the ice is building up, not out. And the thing that most people probably have not taken into account, and the thing that no global warming fanatic will ever tell you, is that the Larsen Ice Shelf is at the very edge of the Antarctic Circle, some of it outside the circle.

Interestingly enough, the Antarctic Peninsula is only about 745 miles from the Argentine Peninsula.

It makes the warming doom and gloom seem much less traumatic when you see the entire picture, so to speak.
If you’d like to see more evidence of the chicanery the environmental crowd uses to convince us all that we must alter our entire lifestyles, you can check out another article I posted a while back pointing out the Subterfuge In Global Warming Articles.

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