Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Glorious Day Free Of Caesar

Tomorrow is Independence Day, commemorating the day that a new nation on the Earth embarked on a journey that would change the world. A big nation with a tiny population, and much turmoil ahead, unbeknownst at the time. The day has deep meaning for Americans while other nations care little of it, despite the impact it has had on their lives, as well. And the turmoil we have endured, I might add, would have torn most fledgling nations asunder, but our fabric has proven too strong, to date.

Prior to the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, there had been other nations and kingdoms of the Earth who may have achieved civilization much earlier than did we, but those civilizations were nonetheless governed by a ruler; a king or some other form of benevolent monarchy for the fortunate, or a despot or tyrant for the less fortunate.

We modelled our form of government loosely after ancient Rome, with a senate to legislate, but that system would have been worthless had the Founders not had the foresight to limit the powers of the Executive Branch. What good is a senate if it's terrified of a Caesar?

With this in mind, July 4th is about more than our own independence from England. It is about the brilliance of those who secured it and what they have created here, that being, a nation whose chronological mark is but a fraction of recorded history while simultaneously being a model for freedom-loving people everywhere.

With tomorrow so close, I will leave this alone, as I have more to say regarding the stewardship, or lack thereof, that our countrymen have demonstrated in the short time we have been the beneficiaries of this great land. So enjoy yourselves tomorrow and try to reflect on what we truly have here. Perhaps, after said reflection, some will realize that it is much too precious to let slip away.

Happy 4th Of July.


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