Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An Exercise In Logic (And Why No One Should Vote For Obama)

Forget all the vitriol being spewed by the left regarding racist reasons for shunning Barack Obama. Many on the right are convinced that he's a muslim who should never occupy the White House, while being derided by those on the left for harboring such thoughts. Personally, I have seen enough evidence to make me skeptical, but that's just me. I'm not the one who counts, though.

One argument raging between the denizens of opposite ends of the ideological spectrum is how we view muslims in general. The right insists that they are, by nature and belief, inherently dangerous and therefore not to be trusted. The left corrects the right all the time, pointing out that islamophobia is a sickness, and that we should learn to accept muslims. The key to the argument is this; the reasons that radical jihad happens is because we anger the sensibilities of muslims and that we would be wise to tone down whatever behavior makes them mad in the first place. Oh yes, and learn tolerance.

Let's examine these views. Conservatives will never vote for Obama, not because he's black, not because they think he's a muslim, but because he's just too damned liberal. That much is pretty obvious, at this point. So here is why Liberals should not vote for him.

Say what you will about the Christian Science Monitor, but it is undeniable that they understand religion, and they have a great point; since Obama was indisputably born to a muslim father, the likes of Osama bin Laden will forever view him as a muslim. Know who the muslims hate more than "infidels"? Apostates, those who were "lucky enough" to be born muslim and then shunned Allah's "benevolence".

This makes it obvious, by simple deduction, that Liberals should avoid angering jihadists by not voting for Obama, an apostate that muslims will feel they have every right to kill.

Or, simply wait to see who his running mate is, and then vote for that person, because we know they won't vote for McCain anyway. But I think that they should just refrain from pissing off al Qaeda, period, since that has long been their mantra. Libs, practice what you (forgive the pun) preach.


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