Saturday, September 20, 2008

Capitalism Is Not The Goal

Written By Wild-Abandon

I saw a show yesterday that called into question Al Gore's “An Inconvenient Truth'. The title suggested that this was the conservative fresh breath of air I have been waiting to see. As it turns out, the author was irritated because Al missed the main point behind his Global Warming epic. Capitalism. It is not enough to suspend progress. It is vital to suppress capitalism. The engine of global warming.

A quick inventory of world affairs shows a dramatic disparity among the nations and the peoples of the world. Where ever capitalism is allowed to take root, the streets are filled with polluting automobiles and the once lovely countryside is dotted with the misshapen hell holes called factories. China is the best and latest example of this capitalistic business model. Imagine what would be if the Chinese go total capitalism?

Is the elusive answer to the hysteria over global warming really the old stab at capitalism we are very familiar with, but have long forgotten? Let's examine the why of anti-capitalism. This movement was best personified by the old Stalinist and Marxist of the communist movement. The term “capitalist Pig” was once widely known as the mantra of the comrades of the communist regimes. They viewed us as wasteful and soft. Rich pigs consuming to consume and aspiring to the lofty goals of the wealthy they had murdered years ago. Those wealthy, evil men who would ruin the landscape with plumes of toxic smoke and cities of the poor all huddled together out of sight of the country clubs enjoyed only by the select few capitalists.

The premise of communism is based on the equality of the classes. This puts the government in the position of benevolent capitalist. A big brother who is always looking out for you and planning your next profitable move. Never again would the people work for the wealthy slobs. Never again would the people have to deal with the hardships of risk and failure. Everyone would live in a Utopian society of equality.

However, we know what men do with such power. The few capitalist were replaced with the few party members who fed themselves at the trough of wealth at the top of the food chain. Through brutal tactics and lies, lies and lies upon lies, they kept the workers working. Slaves to the system. Most rights were nonexistent and personal freedoms were a thing of the past. All that mattered was the state.

The promise of being equal is tempting to those who have been told that they can not succeed without the government's help. Those who do not want to work find the idea of taking money from the wealthy attractive. Minority equality is yet another area that buys votes.

The easiest way to stifle capitalism is to kill it's engine. The ignition switch is energy itself. Without the energy provided by fossil fuels, the capitalistic economy that is the giant of Western culture would surely die. No longer needed would be the cars and high rise apartments of out great cities. No longer possible would be the great exchange of wealth that occurs each day and products and services are traded.

This has come to us in the form of global warming. The blame for a natural occurrence , global warming, is laid squarely on the very lifeline of capitalism. The emissions of the energy producing machines we rely upon each day. CO2.

Is there really any further doubt that the claims concerning the IPCC report that it has been invented to crush the West is valid? Why reasonable questions about the report concerning human contributions to Global Warming and the unlikelihood of CO2 being substantial have been met with a nearly incomprehensible thick headedness on part of the liberals. It might be because saving the planet is not the goal. World dominance can only be attained by a communist world order. Americans must no longer be free. Free Americans are the only ones who really stand in the way of this progressive's wet dream. AGW is designed to kill Capitalism and install communism in it's place. Once this is accomplished, and your freedoms have been stripped away, then the One World Government can be implemented. You will not be able to deny it. The UN is that one world body that is working to make this a reality.

Check this website for a background of just what socialism is and what it looks like. Define socialism by defining capitalism. Then take a good look at what the future will feel like.

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