Monday, September 1, 2008

The Katrina Syndrome

There is much to be said of the hypocrisy of the left in America, but nothing more important than the ultimate damage it causes. And while they leave destruction and despair in their path, they march ever forward and successfully lay the blame on others, more specifically, their own country. Somehow they manage to garner the support of those they harm most in the process, which is nothing short of astounding.

The left is pressing more boldly each day to force America, inarguably the greatest nation the world has ever known, to emulate Europe, the continent we left for a better life. Does no one see the intrinsic irony in this? That is obviously a rhetorical question, but one I felt the need to throw out there nonetheless, because it seems at times that I am alone. Understandably, many of us feel the same way, which is why we take turns writing and reading articles such as this. The oblivious are not concerned enough to be here in the first place.

One glaring example of the blatant hypocrisy of which I speak is the argument being made by “intellectuals” such as (pick Hollywood star here). Forget Iraq, that dog is done hunting. But Iran…ah, now we have some juice! Iran has been sabre rattling in a fashion to make the post-mortem Kruschev envious, and yet we still have actors and dancers defending Ahmadinejad. What I find most intriguing about this, however, is their insistence that “Iran has every right to pursue nuclear power for peaceful purposes”. Is that so?

Why is it then, that when America tries to open a nuclear power plant to move towards energy independence and lower costs, that we are stifled by “concerned environmentalists” aided by lunatic politicians worried about the dangers of nuclear power? It must either be that they believe the lies of Iran, or they don’t care if those Iranian citizens have a melt down. Ha, who’re the racists now?

But I digress. Back to the damage that “concerned” environmentalists can wreak. In September on 2005, all we heard about was the government (read George W. Bush and FEMA) failures to protect New Orleans. It was the government’s fault that the levees failed. What you never got to read for any number of reasons, most likely because the stories were either buried or discredited, was that the levees were slated for vast improvements. Those improvements never happened though. Why? Here’s why:

Environmentalists were concerned about the impact levee reconstruction would have on the wetlands surrounding New Orleans. A Los Angeles Times article from September 19th of 2005 notes that “damage to wetlands, which provide natural protection against hurricane damage”, were more important than an actual barrier, built by the Army Corps of Engineers. In effect, the everglades-like surroundings would have protected against the devastating flooding more adequately. Looks like the Greenies were wrong.

So we must emulate Europe, but only in certain circumstances. For example, we must adhere to their liberal policies in regards to societal conditions, but we cannot adopt lifesaving technology, such as they have in the Netherlands. Nor Venice or London. America must explain her policy of letting people drown because of archaic earthen levees because it saves the piping plover or the spotted owl or some other ridiculous excuse, but Europe can build elaborate, modern structures to protect people from dying.

Katrina was no “racist dance”. Unless you have two left feet.


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