Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Palin Effect

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The Palin Effect

What an impact one person can make on an otherwise dull election year. It seems impossible that less than two weeks ago, all of the hype was still about Obama, and still trying to figure out what he is all about, and what he is really up to. Not any longer.

Obama has become insignificant in the bigger picture. Who would have ever thought that a vice presidential candidate would change the American political landscape so much, so quickly.

I doubt seriously that even John McCain or his entire campaign staff had a clue what they had done to change the momentum of this campaign. But, it’s far more than that. Whether McCain and Palin win still remains to be seen although it’s looking more hopeful for them everyday. So what is it about Sarah Palin? What is it about her that has changed this whole election? She’s not one of “them". She’s one of us. Sarah Palin represents what millions of us have voiced that we needed in Washington. Real people, with with real insight into real everyday problems. She is not just another “career politician". She is a little bit of all of us, that have been disgruntled with the way our government is being run, and voiced our desire to change it back to work for the people, instead of working the people…back to what our founders had in mind.

For the first time that I can recall, I feel a real positive outlook for real change. Even though Sarah’s tasks may be limited as vice president, her impact could have consequences of real change. We all know there are honest and sincere people in our own neighborhoods that would make terrific leaders. Perhaps now, they too will feel compelled to buck the system, and step out, and run for local office, just like Sarah did.

She did not run for mayor to get to Washington. This is exactly what we need more of.

And the outpouring of attention and admiration she has received nationally, even with the media and the DNC doing everything in their power to downplay Palin’s ability, only proves that this is the real change people want.

We have the best nation on earth to live in, and we need to do everything in our power to keep it that way. Who better to be our leaders than real people that have walked the walk, and not just spent years talking the talk. So, whether or not McCain/Palin make it all the way to the white house, the Palin effect will still impact our political system for decades to come. No longer will the Washington insiders feel like they have it over us.

We can call the shots. Our government needs to serve the people, not the people serving the government. Our government is not suppose to provide for the people, except to keep them safe from foreign threats, and ensure their rights provided by our constitution. Somewhere along the line, the status quo politicos have lost their way….until now. We have a shot at real change, from real people.

We can thank Sarah for that.

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