Monday, February 9, 2009

Want To Know How They're Spending 800 Billion?

You can click this first link for the whole pork barrel or just click on your State and on a city to see what it wants in the hand out. These are things that benefit only the locals of that city and should be paid by the locals. Folks, the Federal Goverment is trying to buy your vote for 2010.
You can search by keyword, federal program or by state. People are going nuts seeing what their states are asking for! This is urgent? Oh yeah, $17 BILLION for Puerto Rico????

Find projects by state or territory.
Alaska (46 projects) Alabama (318 projects) Arkansas (199 projects) Arizona (743 projects) California (1971 projects) Colorado (201 projects) Connecticut (449 projects) Washington, D.C. (8 projects) Delaware (7 projects) Florida (1752 projects) Georgia (266 projects) Hawaii (316 projects) Iowa (51 projects) Idaho (348 projects) Illinois (1031 projects) Indiana (713 projects) Kansas (139 projects) Kentucky (524 projects) Louisiana (433 projects) Massachusetts (266 projects) Maryland (54 projects) Maine (72 projects) Michigan (782 projects) Minnesota (335 projects) Missouri (403 projects) Mississippi (552 projects) Montana (57 projects) North Carolina (319 projects) North Dakota (61 projects) Nebraska (154 projects) New Jersey (261 projects) New Mexico (215 projects) Nevada (163 projects) New York (289 projects) Ohio (847 projects) Oklahoma (223 projects) Oregon (159 projects) Pennsylvania (352 projects) Puerto Rico (340 projects) Rhode Island (116 projects) South Carolina (271 projects) South Dakota (30 projects) Tennessee (103 projects) Texas (1240 projects) Utah (298 projects) Virginia (400 projects) Vermont (61 projects) Washington (368 projects) Wisconsin (358 projects) West Virginia (1 projects) Wyoming (85 projects)

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Anonymous said...

I think that the stimulous package will put us into a deeper depression! I do not have much money and I am still against it.