Friday, February 27, 2009

We Don't Need No Water...

Each day I grow more confused at the Obama administration's methods of dealing with disaster. Thus far, I have been witness to a spectacle reminiscent of a man yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theater and then expecting an orderly exodus onto the street. Day after day we are told of the impending collapse of our economy and way of life in what I can only conclude is a concerted effort to frighten us so badly that we'll accept whatever form of remedy Obama and Congress offer up.

Oddly enough, that remedy seems to come from a notion that since the roof is on fire, the solution is to ignite the foundation. For a party that complained bitterly - for eight years - about record deficits, spending in a deep recession seems an utterly odd way of fixing the economy and yet from the moment of Obama's inauguration and the cementing of a democratic trifecta in Washington, our government has laid rubber in making an aircraft carrier full of drunken sailors seem like fiscal conservatives.

The delicious irony is that the White House has released a PDF entitled "A New Era of Responsibility" and subtitled, "Renewing America's Promise". What promise was that, the promise to put an end to our lifestyles once and for all? Was it the promise to murder liberty in America?

Clearly something is wrong when an old liberal like Robert Byrd warns that the machinations of the new administration are a dangerous power grab. Obama once referred to our predicament as being in a bus headed for a cliff, but instead of yanking the wheel to avoid the plunge, Obama has kept his eyes and the wheel fixed straight ahead and has floored the gas pedal.

Aside from his apparent determination to spend us into oblivion, there are other ominous signs of that which Byrd warns, such as the blizzard of "csar" appointments, tax increases and moves to restrict gun ownership. Some members of congress - whether knowingly or not - also seem all too willing to aid in the demise of freedom through various versions of the Fairness Doctrine cleverly masked as something more palatable to the average American.

There has been some faint glimmers of hope from a few republicans recently, but for the democrats' part - as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi's gleeful seal impersonation during Obama's speech this week - there will be no resistance to Obama's ambitious restructuring of America. For as often as he say's that the roof is on fire, the democrats raise their champagne glasses and respond, "We don't need no water, let the mother______ burn".

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