Friday, February 19, 2010

CPAC 2010

Republicans have every right to feel encouraged about the pendulum swing of the nation's mood of late, from the Conservative Renaissance to the Tea Party movement. They were giddy at the 37th annual CPAC convention as the fortunes of the Party seem to have turned 180 degrees from just a year ago, but there are troubling signs that they still don't quite grasp the emotions of the people, not entirely.

Indications are early on that Republicans cling to the old notion that people are merely tired of the Democrats and ready to roll the other way for a while, and that is a dangerous perch from which to observe. What we are seeing, particularly from the Tea Party element, bears no resemblance whatsoever to the mood of 1994 and the Gingrich Revolution.

This is not a temporary moment of passion that will be instantly assuaged by the removal of a token number of Democrats. The Tea Party will not disperse suddenly after Election Day, only to return to a blind trust in those victors who vowed in word only to change their ways. There will be no trailing away of smoldering, recently extinguished torches borne by satiated villagers. The rally will stay vigilant long after the promises are delivered, the torches fed anew to keep the light shining and the demands fresh.

To be certain, the Republicans are more towards the safe side in this looming battle for America, and Democrats may just as well forget any hope of mercy in the polls. But Republicans must understand that they have much for which to atone, and must work hard to abandon their ways of old and embrace a new reality. Most importantly, they must realize that the new wave of involvement and patriotism is by no means an endorsement of their platform, but more accurately a golden opportunity to return to their Conservative roots. If those roots are not in the track of some Republicans return trip, they may as well join their Democrat counterparts in packing for home.

Finally, we the people want to hear the hard truth told plainly. We can take it. Further, we want to hear that it can be fixed no matter the pain we must endure. Explain the depth of the pain, we can take that, too.

For now, it appears that a third party can be averted, but the Republicans have little choice but to move back toward true Conservatism and mean it. The people will not be fooled again. There is too much at stake this time around.

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Sunflower Ranch said...

Thanks for all the great postings from CPAC. It is so true that the GOP needs to return to its conservative roots to be a viable force to stop the so-called progressives. If not, we're doomed.

Woody said...

Thanks for the comment, Sunflower Ranch. I know you've been here for a while, it's good to "hear your voice".


Sunflower Ranch said...

You're welcome, Woody! Love your posts & links! :D