Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Plus Two Equals Four

It's a basic truth of life, but one that has come under assault from the left nevertheless. Newt Gingrich explains it best in these videos from this years CPAC conference. Enjoy:

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Edisto Joe said...

BRAVO!! Let's hope our Republican leadership is paying attention. The way they present themselves at the upcoming summit on health care will set the tone for the rest of the year and on in to 2012. The momentum is on their side. 2+2 does indeed equal 4.

Woody said...

Here's how I'd like the Republicans to present themselves next week.

Someone on the right next week needs to boldly stand and announce - before the C-SPAN cameras - that since Obama has not done a proper job of explaining his plans, this person will. This person then needs to remind the American's who actually tune in that Obama's plan is to inflict upon us that which we have clearly and loudly declared we do not want. Then this person needs to remind us that he and his Conservative counterparts are indeed there to say NO!

Then let the unholy Trifecta of Obama-Reid-Pelosi defend from that standpoint.