Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Harry The Crier

Harry Reid just seems to have a way of slathering his shoes with condiments and eating them with his feet still inside. First, the other day, in defense of the "Jobs Bill", Harry warned that men out of work have a propensity to turn violent and batter their domestic partners. On the discussion board I belong to, an on-the-ball friend of mine was quick to note that perhaps it might be prudent for someone to advise Mrs. Reid to obtain an order of protection prior to the November elections, when it seems extremely likely that Senator Reid will find himself among those unemployed men.

And this particular potentially unemployed man is also a former boxer. Seems that Mrs. Reid may be in more jeopardy than the average woman.

Then Harry Reid found it necessary to chastise Republicans who were "crying" over the Democrats' plans to use Reconciliation (The Nuclear Option) to pass legislation while excluding Republican input. Obama has invited Republicans to a "bipartisan meeting" tomorrow, in which he and the Democrats will give the Republicans a chance to agree to the demands of the Democrats before they pull the trigger of the gun held to the Republicans' heads.

Thankfully, Naked Emperor News has provided this video to expose the utter hypocrisy of not only Reid and Obama, but many of the other Democrats poised to usurp the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold. Here is the video:

Do these people not realize the existence of the internet and video records of damned near everything? Or do they simply dismiss the intelligence of we the people?

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