Friday, September 10, 2010

Glenn Beck: The Most Dangerous Man in America

To begin, I must apologize to any Liberal who may happen to stumble across this article and subsequently end up smashing their computer or monitor. I understand that the name Glenn Beck combined with the title will cause involuntary giddiness and tingles running up some legs, but this is an exercise in appreciation for the man, not condemnation. Sue me; if you get anything, we can split the proceeds.

I'm not quite sure what the intent was in Beck's genesis...what he hoped to achieve or accomplish, or what his ultimate goal was upon setting about on his career. If it was a plot designed to cause premature baldness in both male and female Liberals, consider the mission accomplished. Since he seems to only just be gaining speed, I'd say aggravating Liberals was not it.

Perhaps he has moved the goalposts as God has guided him, which would seem a more plausible evaluation of his accelerating success and popularity. Maybe it would be even more accurate to suggest that he has merely followed the goalposts as God Himself has moved them. Wherever the credit is due, it is becoming increasingly clear that Glenn Beck's influence on people is growing exponentially and his believability gaining ease among viewers. He is...convincing.

Beck has succeeded in combining evangelism with education, opening the eyes of many people who have either been mentally sedentary through advancing age and the pressures of everyday life, or relatively recent graduates who have passed through institutions that have fed them selective history. The beauty of it all is that Beck's audience doesn't simply absorb his message as gospel, but is driven to investigate his "claims" on their own. They have finally begun to learn.

As for the evangelical aspects of Beck's message, he has instilled, at least in me, a sense of acceptance. As a Christian, I have always believed in God and Jesus, but I have not been devout in my beliefs. I've viewed the word of God as something I should hear directly from Him and have thus avoided the proselytizing of men, often considering them as somehow "hokey".

Beck has managed to make the message palatable to even someone like me, who is certainly not alone in my method of worship. So it must be considered that he has bridged a gap between many people who were receptive to God's message while resisting the mode of delivery. That, in and of itself, is something of a miracle.

So as the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally has come and gone, and as the myths predicted by the Left begin to peel away like the scales of a molting snake, Beck has become the most dangerous man in America, at least to the Left. He has exposed more people to the truth of America's founding than hundreds of teachers, all in the past few months. He is lifting the veil placed over the eyes of many of us, both young and old, and people are beginning to see clearly for the first time in their lives.

Beck has created a thirst for knowledge that hasn't existed for far too long, the kind that is unquenchable by the regurgitation of State-controlled "teachers" and satisfied only by self discovery, the most gratifying type there is.

Yet another by-product of the recent works of Glenn Beck is the forging of alliances and friendships once considered impossible. Whites are more comfortable expressing their legitimate grievances with societal issues, unafraid of being misunderstood by their black counterparts. Blacks are beginning to realize that these whites are not the enemy, but rather the best friends they could hope for, sharing the same values despite the visual differences.

Once the bonds of these new allegiances are cooled and set, they will prove most formidable when standing in stark opposition to the propaganda machine of the Left. Predictably, once that race well has been pumped dry, the left will drill on the Southern border, as they have already begun to do. They will pit Hispanics against the new federation of blacks and whites, as Liberals and Progressives cannot succeed without a victim class and voter base.

It is for this reason that Glenn Beck may not be the most dangerous man to America, but will be considered by the Left as the most dangerous in the America they so desperately wish to create.

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Jimmy said...

I'm curious, what is it that you have learned? Or what is it that you think Glenn Beck has motivated you to want to learn?


Woody said...

American history, mostly. For example, I never knew that the Capitol building was actually used as a church, did you? Were you aware that there were black members of Congress long before the likes of Charlie Rangel?