Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Storm Season

In 1992, when Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush for the presidency, the Liberal/Progressive movement was still akin to a teenager living at home, not quite ready to take on the world or America. Or perhaps like a seedling still fighting for survival and moisture from the soil. Certainly the seeds were rooted, but all that had managed to pierce the soil were tiny sprigs of flora. And it didn't take long for the Republicans to realize that what was growing were weeds. 

When then-Speaker Newt Gingrich engineered the Republican takeover of Congress, the mood of the country then was seen as tumultuous, but in retrospect, it was little more than a tropical depression. Clinton eventually won a second term in office, but the subsequent years did nothing to aide his Vice President in his own bid for the office. Al Gore lost to George W. Bush, and the Republicans were once again in control. 

The Bush 43 years started out rough, got better after the terrorist attacks of 2001, and then went steadily downhill, partly of his own parties doing and partly because of a resurgent and emboldened Liberal/Progressive movement. Not only had they grown up - for lack of a better term -but they were encouraged and abetted by a once watchful media. In 2006, the Democrats once again swept the Republicans out of Congress. 

With the press firmly planted in their pockets, the Democrats set about putting the final nail in George W. Bush's political coffin, and people most reliant on "traditional" media sources were fed a steady diet of misinformation. Combined with the approaching end of Bush's second term, Barack Obama was groomed and prepared to complete the ultimate destruction of the America we have come to know and love. All of the ingredients were rapidly falling into place for the ultimate storm. And it has arrived. The Democrats just didn't know what they were creating. 

As they immediately embarked on their ambitious mission with a level of hubris once unthinkable, they sparked the beginnings of this storm. Raucous town hall meetings last summer were just the beginning, and they were brushed aside by the targets of the people's ire as a minuscule dissatisfaction among a minority of their constituents. So arrogant were these alleged servants that they still believed the silence of the Right was somehow an indication of their non-existence. 

When more people began to amass at rallies, Democrats began to notice, but settled for putting away the patio furniture in case it "got a little windy". Eh, then they started using masking tape on the windows, then plywood. Eventually, they tried to do what they assumed Bush should have done in 2005 regarding Hurricane Katrina; they tried to divert the coming onslaught. 

Recognizing that there was undeniable danger headed their way, Democrats and their media cohorts began trying to paint the Tea Party storm as a pack of angry, white racists, grossly misinformed by an equally angry, white alternative media, aka Fox News and talk radio.They lied about racial epithets being hurled at black Congressmen during the Health Care debacle, and they accused Tea Party folks of spitting on these members of Congress. The complicit media deliberately under reported crowd sizes at Tea Party demonstrations. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh were routinely attacked as racist goaders somehow manipulating the racist Americans who wanted nothing more than to have their country back. And still the storm approached, unflinching. 

Now the Democrats are flailing wildly, certain that the fierce winds swirling around them will sweep them into oblivion. My advice to them is to cease the struggle and surrender to the inevitable. Oblivion is your future, at least for now. What we have been witnessing this election season is proof that the majority of Americans still are faithful to the love they embraced for her at her inception. 

Tea Party candidates have been routinely posting primary electoral victories in races they were declared to have no business winning. Rallies have been getting larger and larger. The people have actually begun to ignore the snide insults of their Democrat Representatives as meaningless, senseless rhetoric from soon-to-be insignificant men. 

Even the Republican Party in Delaware yesterday declared that it would not support the Tea Party victor in that states primary for Senator. Christine O'Donnell defeated moderate Republican Congressman Mike Castle, who was predicted to win easily. So upon hearing that the RNSC would not fund her campaign, grassroots supporters crashed O'Donnell's campaign website trying to donate on their own. The RNSC eventually reversed itself, and will now endorse O'Donnell. 

Media folks are now trying to portray this as a fracture in the Republican Party, one that will dull the advances the Republicans make in Congressional seats this year, but they fail to recognize that the Tea Party is not a third party, but a consortium of Republicans who are fed up with the "establishment" party. 

Barack Hussein Obama was seen as the final piece of the Cloward-Piven puzzle, the catalyst that would place the final straw on the proverbial camel's back, causing the collapse of the American economic structure and finally setting in motion the rebuilding in the image the Progressives have long sought. There are two key components that they never anticipated, however. The resilience of the American people, and the tensil strength of the foundation of our great nation.

While Obama has delivered everything that the disciples of Cloward and Piven had expected, America has stood much like Rocky Balboa did against Apollo Creed. Defying the laws of physics, - or, in this case, economics - she has refused to go down. Yes, the support beams groan loudly in protest, just as Rocky's legs begged to betray him, but they have not buckled.

As the next forty-eight days advance, the Category 5 hurricane that is the Tea Party movement seems poised to cleanse the air in Washington just as a good storm does the stagnant, humid air on a typical summer day. November 3rd is a day, therefore, that I forecast will be clear, crisp and dry.

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Edisto Joe said...

Wonderful analysis. Could it be that hurricane Barack has fizzled out to a spring thunder storm? The Tea Party, win or lose, has made the Washington establishment take notice. These are real people with real concerns and a very real message. 2010 is just the beginning.

Woody said...

Thanks EJ. I really don't think it's a question of win or lose. My assessment is that the people are so genuinely angry that they will insert the most nubile of candidates so long as they are not traditional establishment-types. The consensus seems to be, "How much worse could they possibly be?"

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Anonymous said...

Hello (again) Woody,

I enjoyed reading your post. Some of the Tea Party primary victories have been remarkable. Having a voice and being heard is after all what "it's" about.

I have been following the victories and still have a question. Actually, it has evolved into a two-part question.

What exactly does the Tea Party think makes this country great?


How will they set the course towards that goal?


healy said...

I have been reading some of the articles on your website this morning and I have to say that I am really enjoying them. There is a lot of good information here. I will be coming back soon for some more reading.

Woody said...

I did sign up, thanks for the invite.

I am so glad you asked that (those) question(s). I had begun a lengthy response, but it got so involved that I decided to direct the next post here to answering the questions you have about the motivation for the Tea Party movement.
It may be a day or two before I can finalize it and polish it up, but your questions should be answered satisfactorily in short order.

The Skip Bureau said...

I agree the democrats have no clue about the tea party. The way they clumsily try to distract the nation from the tea party, assuming it to be some sort of engineered movement, is nearly embarrassing. I have relatives in the tea party, who attend rallies and all that, and I have donated to tea party candidates, although I, myself, am far more radical than the tea party. I just like to see things finally swinging in the right direction.

I have also long argued that Barrack Obama is not the majestic political leader many think he is, and the large collection of political missteps he has amassed so far are testament to this assessment. Begrudgingly, I admire Clinton his political adroitness, where Obama barges on regardless of public opinion, doing massive damage to his own party. With hubris comes downfall. Despite the Democrat's high rhetoric about the will of the people, they really don't care.