Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Second Coming of America

Inspiration comes at the oddest of times, much as a revelation does to a devoutly religious person. A moment presents itself like a whack against the forehead, and the recipient is struck with a moment of ultra clarity.

I was sitting outside tonight enjoying one of the simple pleasures left to us, an after dinner smoke. That's right, I consumed a tobacco product in the relative sanctity of my back yard after a very enjoyable dinner of red meat coated with a thin layer of table salt, and baked potatoes moistened by a quarter stick of real butter.

I sat, smoked, and reflected on the state of our being here in the U.S. As the incandescent light relieved the sentry of nature's illumination, it occurred to me that there were many, just like me, who were doing exactly what I was doing at that very moment. Then I imagined that many of them were feeling that they were the only ones doing so. Upon further reflection, I believe my imagination, and find that it's a sad statement about our state of being.

As the ember of my sinful treat advanced, threatening to singe my knuckles, and as the Moody Blues' cold-hearted orb ascended to its temporary throne in the evening sky, something became clear to me. We have been hiding. We have not been merely too busy to get involved in our state of being, we have actually been shuttered in our homes, hoping that morning would bring a return to sanity. Yet everyday we arose, parted the curtains, and saw the same ruins outside, only slightly more advanced each time.

Feeling isolated we waited, we hoped, we prayed, and yet, no one came to save us. So we sought the solace of one another and found, to our amazement, an army of people who were not only ready to mobilize, but eager to do so. The Left, meanwhile,  had enjoyed the free reign of the battle fields, eventually thirsting for combatants when they became scarce, staggering around with arms outstretched, arrogantly daring challenge. Finally, filled with a false sense of invincibility, they dropped their cloaks with a defiant sneer.

The only problem was...no one reported it. The media treated it as a local turtle race. People all over America who had not engaged in the battle and, therefore, had no sides to choose, carried on as if nothing had happened, and they continue to do so. Deriving all of their information from "sources" more concerned with the ultimate fate of faulty celebrities, a multitude of voters marched forward unaware that their country had been seized by Socialists.

It wasn't until the election of Barack Hussein Obama - an event which consummated the Lefts complete control of the government - that boldness quickly turned to arrogance and unprecedented hubris. It was clear rather quickly that the governed no longer mattered. Even more shocking, however, is how we are now cast as the extremists.

It should be noted that by dropping the charade of incremental steps, the Left has done us a very big favor by suddenly lurching toward a transparently Socialistic brand of governance, even if the media still does not recognize it. We know it, and many who were mildly sympathetic to the Democrats philosophy also have realized it.

For those like me who were initially angry that we allowed the media to foist candidate John McCain on us, I now say that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to them. I believe that we are about to witness a Conservative renaissance that may just last for decades, all because we gave the Left a brief moment in history in which to experiment with their foolhardy agenda. As we are seeing, the people do not like it.

As a chill breeze stirred above in the canopy of leaves, I stubbed out my cigarette and glanced at the moon, suddenly filled with a new hope. It was a hope much, much different than the brand offered in the 2008 campaign of Barck Hussein Obama, and I grinned at the irony of the phrase that suddenly occurred to me; "we shall overcome".

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& now, part 2.

18th International Week of Prayer and Fasting

October 3-11, 2010

"Peace, peace and only peace.
Pray and fast,
because with prayer and fasting
you can stop wars and natural disasters." June 26, 1981
Our Lady Queen Of Peace @ Medjugorje