Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ain't That America

A Spirit That Refuses to Die

How did John Cougar Mellencamp and I become such bitter enemies? No, I have never met the man, but I despise his politics even as I love his music. And while his celebrity makes him very familiar to me, he has no inkling of my existence, even though he equally loathes my political philosophy, as far as his interviews have betrayed.

I have been hit hard today from two directions. The obvious assumption would be that those directions are polar opposites, but that is not the case. I just finished reading chapter one of George W. Bush's Decision Points, and took a break to watch Glenn Beck. I mention this because I no longer care what my critics may say nor how they may scoff sneeringly at my words. Such scorn has lost all meaning as our path has become clear to me.

Those of us who care enough to publish our thoughts share a common thread; we love this country too much to see it perish. The only barrier to cooperation has been a decided line of demarcation set for us by powerful ideologues who have manipulated us toward opposite corners of the ring. Divide and conquer...sound familiar?

Glenn Beck has been talking about the small town of Wilmington, Ohio, a town that should have been declared dead due to its rate of unemployment, but which has refused to succumb to extinction. Wilmington, through its collective, stubborn determination has instead relied on the principles that made America what it became through the same ethic. They are not waiting for the behemoth of the federal government to save them, and thus will avoid the Sopranos-style quid pro quo that such acceptance would entail.

God bless Wilmington. That tough little town should serve as the model for our overall renaissance, a pattern for us to follow so that the dress still fits. For far too long, we have drifted with the winds of figurative fashion, following mindlessly like the seeds of the dandelion, only to infest the lawns of our neighbors.

Our ever-expanding urban centers are festering pools of dependence, bitter reminders of the spoiled fruits of government dominance. In stark contrast to the fiercely independent spirit of ordinary people like the denizens of Wilmington, big cities are indicative of what the controlling influences of "benevolent" tyranny reap.

While reading Decision Points - a splendid book, by the way - I was struck by the observations of a young George W. Bush on a visit to China while his father was stationed there as Ambassador in 1975. Stating that the "contrast was vivid" in comparing a vibrant capitalist society to that of the dreary reality of Communism, Bush wrote, "I was amazed to see how a country with such a rich history could be so bleak".

But what really leaped out at me were his words in this passage from Page 23:

"China's experience reminded me of the French and Russian revolutions. The pattern was the same: People seized control by promising to promote certain ideals. Once they had consolidated power, they abused it, casting aside their beliefs and brutalizing their fellow citizens. It was as if mankind had a sickness that it kept inflicting on itself. The sobering thought deepened my conviction that freedom - economic, political and religious - is the only fair and productive way of governing a society."
That was the observation of a future United States president, thirty-five years ago, and it belies an evident truth today. What we're experiencing in this country now is but the beginning of our end, the anathema in its infancy. And while folks like John Cougar Mellencamp - liberal to the core - are diametrically opposed to such a philosophy, they unwittingly aid in its propagation.

Mellencamp wrote about small towns frequently in his songs, celebrating the strong spirit of the people in this country. Never once did I hear him sing the praises of tyranny. "Ain't that America, you and me?" With a small degree of literary license, I must say that it almost ain't. Comparing the small enclaves like Wilmington and it's determination to survive with Detroit, a city that surrendered without so much as a whimper, gives one hope that there may at least be portions of the country left should we fail to save the whole thing.

Personally, I'd prefer an all-out rescue. The emergence of the Tea Party movement and the results from earlier this month are an encouraging start. For that, I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. God bless.

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SleeplessByTheSea said...

It is chilling reading these truths. And, I've read enough, heard enough, and researched enough now, over the past 2 1/2 years to know these are in fact truths, and not just negative speculation. I thank you, Woody, and the many other bloggers that are taking full advantage of your freedom of speech to lash out! It needs to be done. Sitting silent will only enable the progressive movement, and then know it. Hence,
them doing everything in their power to cut us offline!

Today, on Thanksgiving, while I give my thanks for all of the blessings that have been bestowed on me, I am thankful first and foremost thankful for my family. But it is my freedom that I appreciate now, more than ever before. I believe we not only have the ability to stop the insanity that is going on with our government, but enough of us have the determination to do just that, just as we did in November. More people are awakening everyday, to the reality of the control this administration wants to have over everyone of us, and we're just not cut out to be slaves. Thankfully I have a few million side-kicks in the Tea Parties across America that feel the same way. And I know collectively we Will stop this madness. We have the best nation on earth, and we will not allow these progressive to drive us into the ground, so that we will become just one more weak nation. Not now, Not ever! The Tea Party has barely begun!

Woody said...

I don't know if you've got the book yet, Sleepless, but so far Decision Points is an excellent read. I had always known that W was not the moron the media darlings made him out to be, but I had no idea of the depth of his intellect. Nor the level of endearing humility, something which only served as fodder for his critics, but which will have them all wiping the egg from their faces by the end of the Obama era.

SleeplessByTheSea said...

No, Woody...I have not yet read it. I've been tempted to pick it up, but I think there's a copy coming from Santa, so I'm holding off. I too, knew there was so much more to Bush that anyone on the left ever dared to acknowledge.
They all knew it, at the time this country was in crisis...right after the 9/11 attacks. But, of course the dems also saw they could not having the country stay together like would have been a fatal blow to their future intentions of trying to undo our patriotism. Little did they know, that their antics under the current president, is waking up more patriotism in the American soul, than anything else ever has in my lifetime. We WILL take our country back!