Sunday, November 14, 2010

And Justice for All?

Why would anyone need a waiver from
something so wonderful?
In true shoot-from-the-hip fashion, the Triad of Obama, Reid and Pelosi rammed through a program they touted as a special gift to the American people, a most fair form of health care that would ostensibly benefit all, including the poor. We were told of the unfortunate multitudes of people suffering illnesses because they couldn't afford the treatment that the wealthy could afford. Most of us knew the scheme was a charade, but the Triad successfully inflicted it on us anyway.

The closer we get to its actual implementation, the more people resist. Unfortunately for the "little guy", only those with the financial resources to fight Obama Care have thus far been able to opt out. That is because, armed with a battery of expensive lawyers, these entities have procured from the government a total of one hundred and eleven waivers, and counting.

High-powered unions and large corporations are securing exemptions at a rapid pace. The questions must be asked, then, if Obama Care is so great, why are so many fleeing in terror? Why do they absorb such great costs to fight it legally?

The only answer that makes any sense is that they have already spent huge sums to study the potential impacts on their ledgers from this disaster, and that they made the decision that it would better to lose a little now than lose a lot later. That tells me that there is something terribly wrong with this impending crippler for our personal finances and the overall economy.

From the administration that trumpeted a new age of government transparency and open governing, we now have a law about to take effect that will be selectively enforced. The entities permitted to ignore this law are those whom Chairman Obama decides may be exempt. As pointed out in the video below, the Obama administration has implicitly admitted that this is a bad law, thus the need to grant 111 waivers.

I tried to find the buried story on the Health and Human Services website, to no avail, which also speaks volumes to the promise of transparency by the new administration. Suffice it say that despite the alleged urgency of this law - and the resultant need for speed and the lack of understanding by those who voted for it - its passage was a huge mistake. Hopefully our new Congress will be able to starve it to death by withholding appropriations.

As Newt Gingrich would say, I hope this travesty "withers on the vine".

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Edisto Joe said...

We the people need to stay on Congress to get this nightmare repealed, not changed but repealed period. As you have pointed out, it never should have been enacted in the first place. The cuts for doctors providing Medicare services was never addressed because the CBO said it would not make the bill deficit neutral. Obama and crew left it out and now we have all these exemptions. It's bad law, it's liberal law and the common guy is to pay the price. Let Pelosi try to defend this piece of crap! Obama and Reid too. More ammo for 2012.

Woody said...

"We have to pass the bill so that you can, uh, find out what is in it."

Yeah Nancy, and now that "we" have, and now that we know, we don't like it. Apparently the unions don't like it, either, nor do many corporations.

It seems that the only people who do like it are the one's who won't have to abide by it.