Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surviving the Referendum

To begin, I would be remiss if I didn't offer my most sincere gratitude and congratulations to my fellow Americans, without whom yesterday would not have been possible. Having suffered the machinations of one-party rule for two years, you have all managed to hang on and fight back to put an end to the madness. The 2010 mid-term elections were an incredible event, thanks to all of you.

The Tea Party has endured and defeated the most vitriolic campaign the so-called mainstream media could unleash. Never once did they think to back down, to give up, to throw up their hands and accept the seeming futility of it all. Perhaps the reason for such truculence and perseverance was always the mantel of truth. And our preferred candidates felt it.

The leftist networks and cable shows did not receive the message last night in the aftermath of the drubbing their party took, continuing to use ridicule and false bravado as a tool to defeat those who had already vanquished them.  Chris Matthews of Hardball on MSNBC, along with those on his panel, interviewed Michele Bachmann after polls closed in Minnesota's 6th C.D. Bachmann, a favorite target of Liberal pundits and a Tea Party darling and beneficiary, infuriated host Matthews by reminding him of his "thrill-up-his-leg" moment in the Obama ascendancy.

Matthews and company predictably laughed like school children at her performance during the interview, further exposing the juvenile mentality that permeates the halls of Liberal enclaves such as MSNBC. But Matthews' irritation was clearly evident. Score another one for Bachmann and - as a result - all of us. (Matthews' indignant retort was one of pure semantics because Bachmann used the word "tingle" instead of thrill).

While last night was a time of jubilation for us - the American patriots fed up with lectures and heavy-handed "compassion" from the people we hire to serve us - the underlying message was still clear from the coasts and other liberal bastions. The politicians most responsible for our successful activism were left unscathed. That may prove beneficial to us as we traverse the next 733 days until the presidential elections, but is disappointing nonetheless.

Outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi will still be a House Representative, although not as Speaker, and Harry Reid will retain his position as Senate Majority Leader. However, the disappointment of those results should be seized as the fuel we need to continue the fight. Just as comfort and complacency were concerns going into yesterday's polls, so must we remain alert to the sad truth that those regions will never be transformed. But they can be isolated.

How many times over the past decade have we heard the snobbish denigration by elitist politicians of rural America as "fly-over" country? That characterization is not about to change, despite the fact that "fly-over" country just handed them the sort of drubbing  bested only once in our brief history. I say let them have their Liberal encampments on the distant shores, and let them fly over to their hearts' content.

They had their shot, and they failed miserably, but never assume that the war is over. You (we) have awakened a spirit that has been too long dormant in this greatest nation on Earth, and as I wrote on Election eve, politics is far from a gentlemanly sport. We have already demonstrated our immunity to their sharp-tongued barbs. We have already proved the worth of our beliefs, and we have shown that theirs is a house of cards. But vigilance is not to be abandoned now.

There is still the specter of the lame-duck damage the bitter losers from yesterday may inflict upon us. And we have so much to undo as we move forward. Do not take the olive branch being offered, and never assume that their contrition is genuine. Just as a defeated combatant seeks to lure you in by exploiting your compassionate nature, only to bury a concealed brick in your head, so will Liberal Progressives attempt to use the Ju-Jitsu philosophy against you.

Yesterday was a clear referendum on the policies of our current government, despite what the President may say. You did this. You succeeded. Don't wipe your hands and feel that the job is done now. Stay fired up and vigilant for the next contest. They will be numerous and forthcoming.

Nevertheless, great job yesterday. I am proud today.

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