Monday, April 4, 2011

Here Come Those Demagogue Tears Again

Democrats' Road to Ruin
As this Friday looms as the deadline for the 2011 budget stopgap, and as both parties in Congress seek to avoid a government shutdown, the gauntlets are being thrown down by both sides of the debate.

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is the chairman of the House Budget Committee, and he has presented a plan to reduce the federal deficit by $4 trillion in the next decade. Democrats, predictably, are already in full demagogue mode, claiming that the Republicans care more about "Big Oil" than they do about our seniors.

It's ironic that the alleged "party of the people" is comprised of the very same people who rammed Obamacare down our throats based on a cost-saving premise of letting the elderly "expire" rather than receive "unnecessary" care. Oh, they denied the existence of what Sarah Palin called "death panels", but even the most cursory examination of the models for this bill - from Europe and Canada - reveal the truth that there is a Logan's Run criteria in the administration of government health care.

No matter. As the Republicans now try to place a tourniquet on our hemorrhaging economy, Democrats are busy finding ways to convince the electorate that we must keep spending, and spending fast. And they will pull out every fallacy known to Man to accomplish that goal. Or every trick.

While Republicans like Paul Ryan maneuver to reign in the out of control spending of the previous session of Congress, the perpetrators of our plight continue in their finger-pointing endeavors, claiming through a dutiful mouthpiece media that they are trying to mop up after their predecessors. Worse yet is that the clarion call is still the misnomer that the "rich" and the corporations fail to pay their fair share of taxes. Democrats don't see a spending problem...they see a revenue problem. Think of the alcoholic blaming the liquor store for running out of booze.

Now, just as the Democrats have hidden behind other causes they have never actually helped - see minorities and poverty - they continue to use seniors as a sort of human shield, claiming to champion them while merely exploiting them. Their rhetoric may sound fine for the consumption of the gullible and politically impatient, but it still remains false. Nevertheless, the ground still runs uphill for Republicans, who have been successfully portrayed as the party of the uncaring.

For the vast majority of seniors out there who have actually raised families and dealt with the challenges of a balanced budget, I would simply ask for some common sense here. One parent is always more liberal where the children are concerned. They need things, but not always because they are actual sustenance, but because of social mores at the school that they attend. In other words, "need" is not the correct description, whereas desire would be more apt. And yet one parent always advocates for the alleged needs of the children regardless of the strain on the family finances. (Mikey really needs those new $200 Nikes!)

Sound familiar, America?

Phony Democratic Compassion

Ryan's plan doesn't actually cut funding from Medicare, as the Democrats claim, but rather reduces the acceleration of increases. Of course, to Democrats, that's considered a cut, and that's how it will be portrayed on the evening news and by Liberal commentators (pardon the redundancy). And if the Republicans succeed, it is inevitable that Liberal organizations will aid the Democrats in demonizing them, with commercials showing grandma being pushed down the stairs in her wheelchair, or a variation of the Gingrich "wither on the vine" lie.

Meanwhile, the majority of American taxpayers want the spending reined in, and are prepared for a little pain to precede the gain. We may have to swim through a torrent of demagogue tears to get there, though.

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